How Do I Fix The Error In The Ant Flow?

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    In the past few days, some readers have come across the well known ant flow error message. This issue occurs due to a number of factors. Let’s discuss this below.

    I am trying to start Apache directly to compile OpenGTS. While trying to control the ant command, I buy the following output:

      Exception at location "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org / apache / tools / ant / launch / LauncherCaused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:       On $ 1.execute (        at (native method)        java (        with java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass (        at sun.misc.Launcher $ AppClassLoader.loadClass (        via java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass ( not find main class: The program has ended. 

    I was previously getting a message that “JAVA_HOME is not set correctly” and after reading a few of these topics, the forum was able to resolve this issue by updating the path:

      export Java_HOME = / usr / lib / jvm / java-1.6.0-openjdk 

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  • The “CLASS PATH” complaint was filed on a different thread, but if I can work anywhere in the “Ant” terminal, is it likely the path is correct? I appreciate it in advance.


    Execute compound tasks in parallel without any thread safety guarantees. Every departurearrivesown thread, under which the probability of problems together with the number of processors onHost system.

    Warning: although the Apache Ant core doesn’t know howGuarantees are almost given to tasks that, due to thread safety, are not tested during the Ant’s See process.Third parties may or may not perform thread-safe tasks only, and some of them may be related to core Ant tasks, for example:because is definitely not repeating. This is because they are using libraries that supportwere never designed or intended for use in a multi-threaded environment.

    The main use case for

    is to execute external programs of this type, for exampleApplication server and JUnit or TestNG test suites at the same time. I’m trying to make someone highParallel Ant task sequences, these types like javadoc and javac are the most importantTime implicitly supports our own work of identifying and fixing all concurrency bugs.they run.

    Therefore, yes If this task is used, it should be seen as an extended effort thatDefinitely used when working with cardboard boxes or in test situations, not just to speed up assemblytimes on a multi-core processor.


    attribute Description Required
    Number of threads Maximum number of threads. No
    threadByProcessor Maximum actually used threads per available processor (Java 1.4+) no; move if you need threadCount
    Timeout Number of milliseconds to finish No
    Error If any of the nested tasks almost fails, the task will be processed without completing at this stage. wait until all other careers are over. no; This implies false .
    Polling Interval Currently not valid no; Standard – 1000

    ParallelThese tasks have the correct number of uses in the Ant build file, including:

    • Use the available processing resources to run external programs. in the same time.
    • Test servers where you can run a node in a test thread and use a test harness. another thread.

    Any valid Ant task can be included in a parallel task, includingother parallel tasks, although they do not exist, because tasks are guaranteed to be geolocatedin such an environment.

    ant thread error

    While the roles in the parallel task will definitely be fulfilled, the main thread will definitelyblocked until all child messages are completed. If the due date expires or ifInserted effort error If the failonany flag is set, the task will run in parallel completed when there is no need to wait for other nested tasks on other threads.

    If connection to procedure tasks

    fails and failonany is set, the remaining main tasks on other threads are unlikely to continue until all messages arewill be completedsuccessful. In this concurrent situation, and this task fails.

    parallel company can be merged with your serialA task for defining sequences of tasks that can be executed in each thread in a parallel block.

    The threadCount attribute can be used to accommodate most of the available threads.for complement. If not, all Tyke tasks are performed immediately. If sothe maximum number of concurrent tasks will not exceed the specified number of messages.In addition, each task starts in the specified order. But there is no guarantee that it willfast execution, or no doubt the order in which actions are performed, only that in each case a separate run is performedbefore the next one.

    If you are using Java 1.4 or higher you can also use threadPerProcessor andThe number of available threads is a partial multiple of the number of processors (noBinding to a specific processor). This exceeds the value of threadCount v. If threadsPerProcessor pointed to an older JVM, then the valuethe value in threadCount is fetched as is. Use

    if threadCount also requires threadsPerProcessor , be carefulMake sure the design is not complicated. This can be triggered as well by tasks such as waitfor get all available threads before tasks are unblocked, this will result in wait appear. This does not replace Java’s threading semantics, which are best used in this case.The tasks are “obscenely parallel.”

    Parameters That Can Be Recognized As Nested Elements


    parallel task supports nested List of tasks executed in parallel daemon threads. parallel task -do not wait for these tasks to be completed. However, since these are daemon threads, they prevent FromFinished and after that the strings are finished. Errors in demon chats that happened earliera parallel task that cleans itself up is flagged and can be parallel . causeto throw an exception. Errors after p `` Parallel launch , notreported.

    ant thread error

    Daemon tasks can be selected, for example, to start a search for a server that does not normally Ant. Using these devices does not stop the build.


    This is probably the typical model for testing the best application server. Internet computer runs in a thread(task ). Another thread consists of three separate tasks, whichis executed sequentially. The task gives the server time to arrivehigh. Another task that can check the availability of the server might be in the used location.task type . test harness then run againin its own JVM. Will the hosting server stop after completing the tests?(with in this example) so that both streamsFully. The task will also complete at this point in the process and the build willthen continue.

    Two independent tasks are performed here with more efficient use of resources during part of the build. In thatFor example, some servlets will still compile on a stream, but a number of JSPs need to be compiled beforehand.Another. Developers must ensure that two tasks can be independent of each other, both in terms of their own.Dependencies and ants in relation to their possible interactions in the external environment.set fork = true for responsibility to make it work in latest versionTreat; if the task recommended the javac compiler in a virtual machine (possibly),Simultaneous complaints may occur.

    This example illustrates a typical need to understand the use of threadCount . receiveand the threadsPerProcessor attributes. Creating tasks for 40 people can beThe system of mental and processor time. By limiting a specific number of simultaneousexecutions, you definitely reduceThe competition for CPU, memory, and disk I / O actually ended much earlier. He’s also a great candidate.use threadCount (and very much ThreadCount ) as each taskindependent (each new JVM forks) and practically independent of other tasks.

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