Easy Way To Fix Bash Command Not Found In Linux

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    Here are some easy ways that might help you fix the problem with bash command not found on Linux. g.Another important reason you are getting the exact “bash command not found” error might be because the web search path is incorrect. When the user enters an order, the system searches for it in all known places and, if it does not find the order in the places that he was looking for, it returns an error.


    Where can I find bash in Linux?

    Get the bash version I’m training and type: echo “$ BASH_VERSION”Check out my Linux version of Bash by running Celebration –version.To display the bash shell version, press Ctrl + x Ctrl + v.

    In most cases, we are run commands and / or programs in the Linux operating system by entering commands into the terminal program. However, when we run the we command, sometimes we get a “bash: command less than found” error. There can be several reasons for the error. Sometimes, with a minimal operating system installation, we don’t implement most of the live commands on our system. As with the minimum rate, only the packages still needed by the flow control system are installed, and the rest are not taken into account. However, even if sometimes the program is already installed, it is dangerous. This error also occurs when the command is entered incorrectly. Therefore, we may need to identify the root causes of this error and it may need to be corrected.

    In this article, we will explain the possible reason for getting a “bash command versus found” error when trying to send a command to the terminal. Along with this, we will also discuss a number of possible solutions that you should test in order to fix errors and successfully run commands and then programs.

    Bash Command Not Found: Common Causes And Solutions

    How do I fix bash command not found?

    Bash and PATH concepts.Make sure each of our files is present on the system.Check your PATH environment variable. Correct your assortment scripts: bashrc, bash_profile. Clear the type of your PATH environment variable correctly.Run command line as sudo.Make sure the package is actually installed correctly.

    Opphotographic Error

    Writing a command is a common mistake people make when running a command in a new shell. All Linux commands except UNIX are case sensitive and we can enter the correct spelling of the command word.


    • Spelling errors
    • Space between commands and different parameters
    • Incorrect replacement of characters, for example 2, with I or l
    • Swap uppercase and lowercase letters.

    Package Not Installed

    bash command not found in linux

    Sometimes you may get a command not found error because the package is not installed on your system or the suggestions have been corrupted. To check if the platform is installed on your network, run the following command in a terminal:

    How do I fix Linux command not found?

    Set your Shell PATH variable correctly and check your climate PATH variable.Make sure the file you are running or want to run is on a real Unix or Linux system.Some commands can be run as the superuser (root user).

    It returns an output with your results indicating whether the package was always installed on your system or not. For example, if you want to urgently execute the apt-fast command and take advantage of the command not found error, simply run the following command in concept to make sure it is installed on your system:


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  • If propthe restrained package is on the system, everyone should install it using the apt-get command like this:

    After installing the package, try a specific command to see if the error is resolved.

    Wrong Path

    Another important reason you get all the “bash command not found” errors is definitely because the path where it is located is not correct. When a person enters an order, the system looks for it in all places known to the application, and if it has difficulty finding the order entered in the places it is looking for, it returns an error.


    Clear Step: Find Command Path

    First, determine the path to the command where it is installed using the which or whereis command. For example, your site tries to execute a specific apt-fast command and returns a “command not found” error. Run the following sequence of commands to select the location of the apt-fast command.

    Notice the path straight down in the upstream output, and then figure out if the path is at the top of an existing search path.

    Step 2. Find Your Current Search Path

    To display the current search path, run the following command in Terminal:

    PATH (capitalized “vampire”) directs the shell to storage locations to look for exe files. Most of the commands are usually found in / usr / bin, / bin, not to mention the paths / usr / local / bin. When we run almost all of the commands, they actually miss these directories.

    Step 3. Add The Command Path To The Search Path

    If the target of a command is not your shell’s ultimate search path, try adding it to your awesome search path like this:

    In our search results for “which” we found that apt-fast is installed in / usr / sbin. Use the following command to create / usr / sbin on the current exploration track:

    bash command not found in linux

    Now confirm this special path that you added with the following command:

    Now try running any commands that encountered the error again and see if any error has been fixed.

    Unintentional Bash command error occurs in almost all admins and userslei. In this article, we learned about some solutions that you should try from scratch to fix the error.

    Karim Buzdar

    Karim Buzdar has a degree in telecommunications engineering and several system administrator certificates. As a computer technician and technical writer, he writes for various websites. He blogs here at LinuxWays.

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