What Is Brother HL-4040cn Toner Error And How To Fix It?

In recent days, some of our users reported that they encountered toner error on Brother hl-4040cn.

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    brother hl-4040cn toner error

    " Toner empty "on Brother HL-4050, this article describes how to completely reset the warning My new Brother survey preferably started with” bad “indicators (at least I think they are wrong …) toner is almost empty / dead, the machine screen read” End of life toner. “I’ve only printed a few pages so far. Google personally reached out to http://www.fixyourownprinter.com/forums/laser/39806 for an answer.

    This is a long and strict chain, but taken about 1/5 from the top, there is an article that recommends doing the following for Brother HL-4040 and similar models.

    How To Implement The Toner End Of Life Toner Warning

    How do I fix the toner error on my Brother printer?

    Usually open the front cover of the printer.Click the Delete / Back button.Press the button.Press the button.Press the 0 button.Close the front door cover.This corrects the low toner error and ensures continuous printing.

    To reset the toner life:
    1 Open the front cover of the printer.
    2 Press and hold the Cancel button.
    3 While holding the undo function, press and hold the dedicated button after pressing.
    – here the menu is reset – go to the corresponding capsule in the
    – menu, reset it and voila!
    For your information … the button and the single arrow give you the ability to reset the menu for household items (drum, laser, thermoelement, etc.)

    I made a lot more window tape – it helped to reset the crust recentlyswarm, but I think this fact would be too useful.

    For everyone who asks: “Which window? I think these are the special plastic holes on the sides of the cartridges, which I would say on cartridges, where you can definitely see the powder in the nicotine cartridge – the color of the compatible toners (magenta, yellow or cyan). I wasn’t sure if I would try, but it made me understand and it worked. So I’m really sure that this is actually a “window” that you should try to hide.

    I have a Brother HL-4040CN aesthetic color laser printer and was just starting to claim that ALL of the replaced tri-color toners have run out (and will be sent to the print cart)

    Now I know that I am printing more yellow than any other Pantone, so I say that all 3 need to be replaced, this is clearly a lie!

    brother hl-4040cn toner error

    I find the following ink tanks that I use are acceptable: TN-115, TN-135, TN-155, TN-175

    Why does my Brother printer keep saying no toner?

    Toner Empty indicates that the toner cartridge, toner cartridge and drum body are not installed correctly. Pull the toner cartridge out of the drum by holding the green tab on the left side around the drum and lifting up the toner. Handle toner cartridges with care.

    I was just looking at the cartridges, and the instructions have a small round “window” made of transparent plastic where my printer will probably turn on the light to read if it is available Goes to the added page (and guess how long) the cartridge lasts before it actually runs out.

    Obviously your suspect is wrong (and I think this is intentionally wrong … for financial reasons … which means Brother might sell a little more toner).

    How do I reset my Brother printer toner?

    With the laser printer on, open the toner access door.Press the Clear / Back button up to access the Reset Menu.From this reset menu, you can view the toner cartridge reset options for your new printer.

    It is especially annoying when I see that the transparent window is a small part of the path between the top and plantar surfaces of the cartridge.

    So after a little typical im As part of my research, I find a way to convince the printer to rent toner:

    1. Stick a small piece of dark duct tape on a regular window. Do not use translucent or shiny objects as the printer may receive a false vacuum signal. I definitely did this with all the cartridges … even checked the black one, which still had a lot of toner in it.
    2. With the front cover open, press and display the Cancel button.
    3. While holding the call button, press the reprint button.
    4. You may now want to see a selection of the “Reset Lifetime” part on the LCD crane.
    5. Use this up / down arrow to select the correct cartridge for the printer with the following life:
    6. B.TNR-S = Standard Black Toner.
    7. B.TNR.H = High Yield Black Toner.
    8. C.TNR-S uses standard cyan toner.
    9. C.TNR.H = Cyan High Yield Toner.
    10. M.TNR-S = Normal Magenta Toner.
    11. M.TNR.H = High Yield Magenta Toner.
    12. Y.TNR-S = standard yellow toner.
    13. Y.TNR.H = High Yield Yellow Toner

    I have set all colors to high yield and now use all printers until all toner is completely depleted.

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