Best Way To Resolve Connection Timeout Error 10060

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    If you are getting 10060 connection timeout error, this article is here to help you. WinSock error 10060 means “Connection timed out”. This means the timeout was correct at the TCP-i level. H. The expected mailbox from the remote host was not received during the actual connection attempt. If you get this error, it is most likely a (temporary) problem with the server (or router).

    This article can help you troubleshoot Winsock timeout errors that occur due to slow, congested, or long Microsoft Internet connections to a proxy or ISA firewall.

    Applies to: Windows 10 – all editions
    Original KB number: 191143


    How do I fix error code 10060 connection timeout?

    Increase most of the connection timeout threshold under Global Settings> Connection. In Site Settings> Tablet Type, switch to the type of data connection you are using (PASV or PORT). When trying to connect, make sure the problem is not local – a different server. If you have used the server name of an Internet hosting service, make sure it is the correct address.

    Winsock timeout errors can occur on slow, busy, or hidden Internet connections to Microsoft Proxy Server or Server isa. Winsock error message is displayed in each and of our client browsers:

    Web Proxy Reports:
    10060 Connection timed out

    Failed to contact the web server specified in the URL. Please check your URL or try again.


    Configuring the next TCP / IP, starting with the addition of a subkey, should reduce the when register, allowing more time to connect. This definition is not available in either the registry or by default in the registry.

    1. Start Registry Editor (Regedt32 and exe) and navigate to the following subkey:
      HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Services Tcpip Parameters

    2. On this Edit menu, click Add Value, and add the following information:

      • Assigned value: TcpMaxDataRetransmissions
      • Value type: REG_DWORD – number
      • Allowed execution length: 0 – 0xFFFFFFFF
      • Default value: 5 decimal places.
      • New value: decimal 10
    3. Click OK, in this case exit the Registry Editor.

    4. Reboot after configuring the registry.

    Additional Information

    connection timed out error 10060

    TcpMaxDataRetran parametersmissions controls how often TCP retransmits individual sections of data (unconnected segment) before the connection is dropped. During retransmissions, the timeout is doubled for each subsequent retransmission on the connection. When you continue, the responses will be discarded. Baseline timeout is a dynamically calculated value based on the measured round trip time of the connection.

    The default value for this distinguished registry entry is 5; double this astonishing value to 10 (see (decimal) level 2 above). If connection timeouts still occur, try doubling the value to 20 (decimal).

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    A timeout error can also occur if a non-existent server is connected to the Internet or if there is more than one standard pass on the proxy server computer.

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  • This fence, method or task, steps to modify this registry. However, serious problems can occur if you modify the registry incorrectly. So be sure to follow carefullythose steps. For extra protection on the right, open the registry before anyone changes it. Then you have the option to restore the registry to the problematic location. For more information on tips for backing up and restoring the PC registry, see Backing up by restoring the registry in Windows .

    This entry in the computer’s registry can only reduce the number of timeout errors that occur when connecting to a number. Changes to your internet connection may also need to be propagated through your router to completely resolve the issue.

    You may receive Winsock timeout error 10060 when you try to open a workload that depends on the server connection. You may receive the following error message:

    Proxy reports:
    10060 Connection timed out
    Unable to connect to the internet specified in your url. Please check your URL or try again.

    Connection timeout error 10060 occurs most often when connecting to a non-existent Internet server or whenand at the moment there are several standard calls to the proxy server computer. This error also occurs when you have a slow, busy, or long-term Internet connection from Microsoft Proxy Server or, alternatively, ISA Server.

    Method 1: Fix It With Advanced System Restore

    The most common cause of Windows dependency errors is corrupted or corrupted personal system entries such as dll files, exe files, sys files, and many other files. There are thousands of them that use tiny system files that are designed for specific tasks. If most of your files are overwritten, deleted, or sometimes corrupted, you can get Windows Socket error 10060.

    What is a socket Error 10060?

    10060 is a connection timeout error that usually occurs even if the client does not receive a full response from the server for a particular command. Most of the time this happens when you are trying to connect in PASV mode to the server that prefers PORT for data connections.

    Download and install Advanced System Tool, repair it and scan your home computer. It has a large storage system of 25 million files. It will find all damaged or deleted system files and reinstall the company to a new one. After linking with Advanced System Repair Tool, you agree to open the program.

    Method 2: Check Your Web Proxy Settings

    Step 1.Open the Run command by pressing Windows Key + 2: r
    Step Enter inetcpl.cpl and go to OK. 3:
    Step If you see Internet Properties, go to the Connections tab.

    Step 4. Now click “Find Network Settings” and do it.
    Step 5: Find the “Use proxy for local network” field, but uncheck it. Click on OK.

    Now try to restore the server again. Most people are unlikely to get 10060 connection timeout error.

    Method 3: Modify The Registry File

    Changing a registry key is a very dangerous operation and you need to be very careful with your situation. If you enter a key with an invalid value in the registry, this file may cause irreversible system crash. If you don’t know how an eyeTo modify the registry file thoroughly, use method 1 and install the Advanced System Repair Tool to fix Winsock recognizer error 10060. Here are the complete steps to modify the registry file. Before editing the registry file, you should make a backup copy of the registry file. In case of emergency, it can be saved again.

    connection timed out error 10060

    Step 1. Open the Run command by pressing Windows + R
    Several steps: type regedit and press Enter
    A step or more. Now go to the following location:

    Step 4. Click Modify Recipe> Add Value, then add the following complete information:

    Value name: TcpMaxDataRetransmissions
    Value type: REG_DWORD - number
    Valid range: 0 2. 0xFFFFFFFF
    Default value: 5 decimal places
    .New value: decimal


    How do I fix connection timeout?

    Clear your browser cache.Restart your internet router.Check and update your browser.We start the compatibility mode.Disable the wrong extensions.Use the default browser settings.Unblock blacklisted sites.Configure the LAN settings.

    Step 5. Click “OK” and close the registry editor in the usual way.
    Step 6. Restart your computer


    How do I fix error code 10060?

    How to fix socket error 10060 directly?Method 1. Check the web proxy connection.Method 2: Increase the actual expiration time of streaming websites.Method 3. Check your email client settings.Block online websites, ISPs and others from visiting you.Recover lost files quickly.

    In this article, I tried to show you 3 great methods – Fix Winsock socket error 10060. However, it moves the situation from PC to PC, so it is better to help the recommended advanced toolsystem restore tool that allows you to fix errors. automatically.

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