How To Solve Linux Bdi2000 Kernel Debugging?

Sometimes your system may display a message that the Linux kernel needs to debug bdi2000. There can be many reasons for this error to appear.

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    This old-fashioned document describes how to use the built-in Abatron BDI2000 and BDI3000 debugging pads from the command line. Linux kernel debugging interface. BDI2000 and BDI3000 are connected to the board via a special JTAG interface.

    You can follow this basic procedure to debug the BDI kernel without using the custom TimeStorm. integrated programming environment.

    Prepare and build the kernel to include the normal kernel debug scripts. Kernel configuration (refer to the kernel hacking section of this kernel configuration). for educational tools). Transfer the core to the board if you are booting each core directly, or TFTP server if someone is using TFTP to download the map.

    debug linux kernel bdi2000

    For more information on how to use BDI on the product board, see BDI Details. and host networks.

    1. Rename vmlinux. Which file is usually at the top level of your kernel company (this kernel/ directory). Any filename is allowed except vmlinux.

      The vmlinux file is a statically linked executable that usually appearsPublished in the source kernel website directory before building the final kernel image. For kernel debugging, someone passes the file vmlinux to As gdb, a “program” to help you debug. (See step 5 for details.) This method allows GDB to normally match kernel runtime with kernel type code.

      However, if you want GDB to help you debug a program named vmlinux, it tries to use the KGDB kernel debugging interface. BDI doesn’t really support KGDB; this requires repeated GDB commands. Changing the vmlinux filename avoids this problem.

      Because virtually every new vmlinux file is created on every build, you will have to repeat this step every time you build a particular kernel.

    2. Find a suitable breakpoint in the kernel. Timesys recommends using this symbol start_kernel, given that this happens at the beginning of the main boot process, but after the memory card has been configured. v If you see this icon, look in the archive in your kernel root list. all good hexAddresses:

      # grep start_kernel Mapping System.Tc00085d4 start_kernel

      In this example, the address of the breakpoint start_kernel is often 0xc00085d4.

    3. Launch the map with BDI. Follow these common stairs – they are specifically for EP8260 board, but procedures are documented with minor changes for all boards.

      1. Open the serial console connection to the board.
      2. Telnet, BDI will take care of that.
      3. In a BDI: telnet session, enter the go command:
      4. To the serial console of the victim: transfer a kernel that supports the bootloader and, therefore, to answer the questions posed:
      5. In a BDI telnet session: stop the map by selecting the debugger and complicate the breakpoint right after the kernel starts:
        bisexuality 0xc00085d4
      6. Aware of BDI telnet: restart the card with someone else’s debugger:
        debug linux kernel bdi2000
      7. On each target serial console: use the “go” command to start each kernel:

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    The loader reloads the kernel and stops at a new breakpoint.

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