It Is Necessary To Get Rid Of The DNS Configuration If There Are Problems With The Windows 2008 Server.

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    Last week, some users encountered a known error message while configuring dns on Windows 2008 Server. This problem occurs for many reasons. Let’s discuss some of them below.

    How do I configure DNS?

    In most cases, the Basic Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) starts automatically.configure your own system to use IP addresses from your ISP’s website nameServer. To use Google’s public DNS, everyone must explicitly change the DNS.Settings for your operating system or tool to use Google’s DNS public IP address.addresses. The process for changing your own DNS settings varies by country.Operating system and version (Windows, Mac, Linux, or sometimes Chrome OS) or device(computer, telephone line or router). We present here general processes that may notrequest your main operating system or device; Refer to the original documentation for authoritativeInformation.


    The DNS server you set up when you install AD partially restricts access to AD-related stuff only. It’s actually important that all AD machines implement this DNS to look up AD resources.

    DCs Without DNS Installed

    If you don’t use built-in DNS for Active Directory, so for DCs that do not have DNS installed, Microsoft recommends that you configure your DNS site visitor settings according to the following specifications:

    dns configuration in windows 2008 server


    Rapid Prosa articles contain information directly from Microsoft Support. The advice contained herein has been prepared as a result of new or unique topics, or may be intended to supplement other knowledge.

    How install and configure DNS in Windows Server 2008?

    Click “NEXT” then “INSTALL” to installSet up DNS with Windows Server 2008.

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    How do I setup a DNS server in Windows Server?

    Applies to: Windows Server 2022, Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016.

    Configure all DNS servers (forFirst of all, we will now configure our DNS server to answer all requests, even if they involve things that are not normally configured. us on the DNS web server. This is done by task servers.

    dns configuration in windows 2008 server

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