What Is The Faulty Windows Update 9c48 And How To Fix It?

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    If you’re seeing windows Update Error 9c48 on your PC, check out the suggested fixes. The problem is caused by the wrong version of Windows Update. If an update installation is interrupted, for example due to system discoloration, some Windows Update information may be corrupted. This error can also be caused by a significant third-party program conflict.

    I just purchased a Windows 7 computer and am trying to upgrade it. The problem is that I have an error code in Explorer internet Thirteen update for 7 windows for computers with x64 processor. Thanks for the help, I’ve been struggling for a few days now.

    Many users complain about the Windows Update 9c48 Internet Explorer error code, which sometimes breaks the system. Please note that this error may occur when the user is trying to install an update or Internet Explorer. One of the main causes of this code error is a corrupted windows update folder of any kind. This error code can also appear if the current system does not have the inevitable updates to install on the 9 network.

    What Causes Some Windows Update 9c48 Errors?

    We have studiedand your specific problem by reviewing various user reports and trying various treatments currently recommended by other users. Could you solve this problem. It turns out that different scenarios lead to these difficulties. Here is a short list of known culprits for this WU issue:

    A common problem. If you interrupt your computer during this update, it may cause a so-called new general update error that windows may affect future updates. If this plan is correct, you may be able to resolve the issue by running a full Windows Center Update Diagnostic and implementing an appropriate recovery strategy.

    Ultra-secure third-party antivirus package. The idea arises that several antivirus packages have been implemented to disrupt the connection between WU and the official Microsoft web server (resulting in various error codes, including ours). In this case, the only way to solve the problem will probably be to disable real-time protection every time you install an update, remove or remove a third-party package, I would say, with matires.

    erreur windows update 9c48

    Windows Module Installer Disabled: According to various users, this programming error code can also occur when a process-required module (Windows Installer) is disabled (due to manual intervention by the user or resource management software). You can simply fix this by going to the Services screen and disabling the module installation provider for Windows again.

    Incompatible installation of Internet Explorer Many users encountered this problem immediately after installing IE11 on a Windows computer using an additional executable (manual installation). It turns out that this can be done even if the IE version does not work completely. In this case, is it possible to fix the problem by returning the Internet to Explorer 10 and using the extended sales line.

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Open the program and click on "Scan"
  • Step 3: Click on "Repair" to start the restoration process

  • Corrupted system file. This error message can also be caused by tiered corrupted files. Some who have also encountered this problem have been able to resolve it by using a previously saved snapshot, which can restore the computer to a working state, or byBy repairing or reinstalling only updates for Windows components.

    How Do I Fix Windows Update 9c48?

    Run the Windows Update Troubleshooter and Diagnostic Tool
    1. Some users reported that this Windows Center Update Troubleshooter fixed error 9c48.
    2. To extend the Windows Update Troubleshooter, you must remove the Windows key and the s key at the same time.
    3. Enter search as “Troubleshoot”.
    4. Click “Windows Update Options” to open a window similar to the one below. And “refresh
    5. select windows” then click “Run this patch”.
    6. If the troubleshooter suggests a possible cleanup, click Apply this troubleshooter.your
    7. Laptop or desktop then.
    Check the installer for Windows modules

    erreur windows update 9c48

    Error 9c48 can occur if the Windows Module Installer is definitely not enabled.

    1. To make sure this product is open, launch it by clicking the base comboWindows + R.
    2. To open the Services window, type The program.In msc le in the open field, press OK.
    3. Windows double-clicks the installation packages to display the properties window.
    4. In the drop-down menu for the initial user type “Automatic”, select.
    5. Click the Apply button.
    6. Select OK.
    Remove third-party antivirus software

    Third party antivirus software such as AVAST and McAfee can be the cause of error 9c48.

    1. To uninstall someone’s antivirus software, run the software’s Run command.
    2. Enter Appwiz.cpl a few times in the blank and bite normally.
    3. Select your antivirus program in the Special Features Programs and Applications in Control Panel.
    4. Select the Remove option.
    5. Always confirm by pressing AND “Yes” to start the product removal wizard.
    6. Restart Windows if you have already uninstalled Antivirus.Defender
      Windows can then replace the removed antivirus software if removing it solves the problem. Before

    Usually when you uninstall your antivirus program, you canYou can disable it to see if it fixes the update issue by right-clicking the image on the taskbar and selecting this option to disable or turn it off.

    If this solves the problem, uninstall all anti-virus programs as mentioned above.

    Restore Windows

    The Windows System Restore utility can fix error 9c48 on your PC or laptop if a restore point was installed before error 9c48 about stopping updates was installed along with it.

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