Getproxyaccount Error 87 At Line 604? Fix It Immediately

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    If you are seeing getproxyaccount error 87 at line 604, this blog post will help you.

    Does anyone know roughly what this is?
    I think you need to do this and run Server xp_cmdshell

    [Microsoft][ODBC sql Server]xpsql driver][sql.cpp:
    Error group at 87 getproxyaccount 604

    did nothing but price.. HELP
    Any ideas.
    Do we need to configure something outside the server?

    Under sql agent Enterprise Manager Server. . Properties,
    Uncheck Task properties, Not a system administrator

    Because this feature is enabled by default in later versions of SQL

    error 87 from getproxyaccount on line 604

    [Macromedia][SQLServer JDBC Driver][SQLServer]xpsql.cpp: .Error .87 .from .GetProxyAccount .at .line .604 .

    This is .done .through .ODBC…. The user I usually use for ODBC connection is not the site, the user is just logging in, a user created in SQL itself… .Found

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  • I have articles dedicated to this subject, but this may point me to the need to set up a global user. I haven’t started using the domain and I don’t want to work with a domain user either. Is there a way to solve this problem?

    odbc use xp_cmdshell

    call to stored procedure with following link

    — Create export string
    S forET @string = ‘bcp “## ‘.+ @fileName + ‘” down ” ‘.+ @path + @fileName + ‘.xls” -c -U”export” -P”export”‘

    1. SThe Guest

      I am a web developer working on From procedure Execution storec. Stored procedure

      declare @cmd
      this is: nvarchar(500)
      SET Equivalent to @cmd ‘bcp DBNAME.dbo.TABLENAME out D:InetpubftprootTABLE.txt
      Master -e EXEC..ID User Xp_cmdshell @cmd

      which can be described as a SQL connection.
      I have somewhat limited knowledge about SQL Server management. We would appreciate your help
      very any.

      SThe Guest

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      when trying to execute (from ASP) a page, the xp_cmdshell stored procedure needs to write some text to A folder on the web server.

      We are running SQL Server 2000 on a windows 2000 server. MSSQLSERVER The service runs under a domain account that is a member of sysadmin and has administrative rights. MSSQLSERVERAGENT service with the checkbox “Only users with system administrator rights can run when cmdexec ActiveScripting jobs are stopped”.

      Usually when I change an ASP page to point to my server database – sql PE 2000 is installed and running on a machine with two thousand wins, the procedure is reliable. On my development machine, the MSSQLSERVER set of services is in “System Account” and the MSSQLSERVERAGENT set is in my username/domain (by unchecking the main box mentioned above and selecting “Reset Proxy Account”). basket

      I don’t know why the error actually occurs, but when I suggested it would help network administrators create another proxy account, they honestly said that there were security issues with this simple proxy account .

      You’re getting this skill error because you don’t specify
      Actual account as
      proxy account. Basically this account is created when a non-system administrator user
      creates xp_cmdshell. .It is .fully .identified .in .Book .Online .xp_cmdshell .at ..quick

      Here is a script to help you set up an account.
      for example
      –see. current setting exec master
      ..N’GET’ xp_sqlagent_proxy_account

      –set ne
      master exec..xp_sqlagent_proxy_account N’SET’,

      — http://www.rac4sql.

      >Does anyone know what’s special about
      > I think it has something to do with starting a new xp_cmdshell shell

      error 87 from getproxyaccount on line 604

      >SQL Server [microsoft][odbc Driver][SQL Server]xpsql.cpp:
      >GetProxyAccount error eighty-seven at line


      I Am Error Message 87 From GetProxyAccount…???

      Tommy Selggre Thu » 27 Feb 03 18:30:19

      I’m trying to run a stored procedure from a Visual Basic program and I’m getting the following

      [Microsoft][ODBC Server Driver][SQL Server]xpsql sql.cpp: 87, error provided by
      GetProxyAccount at line 604


      GetProxyAccount Error 87…???

      because of Tibor Karas » Thu Feb 25, 2003 6:41:25 PM

      Looks like that a user (not a system administrator) is trying to run xp_cmdshell and you have not created a proxy account for use in this tutorial (EM,
      Right Click Agent).

      Karazi, Tibor SQL MVP
      server Archived at:…

      >I’m trying to run your own stored procedure from a simple visual program, and
      >from someone I’m getting the following error message:

      > [Microsoft] [ODBC Server Driver] [SQL sql Server] xpsql.cpp error: eighty out of seven
      .> Regarding line 604

      .>Tommy Selggren

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