How Can I Fix Error Event 5528?

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    Here are a few simple ways that can help fix the error 5528 problem.

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    < < td>error p> < code>No obstacles selected. If selected only in selected objects, at least one object must be selected.

    This error occurs when objects are selected as general objects.Parts of the search, but basically no object was selected, on which the execution for the search was selected. To fix this error, use the Select link to select at least one of the objects.

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    < tr>< td>Parse error 5604

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    < td>Error 5607

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    < tr>< td>5617 Warning


    Error readabilitydatatable="1">

    Number Description
    Unknown .

    error event 5528

    This error is available in the case where the search should have incorrectly determined what went wrong.

    Text 5526 error invalid view for.Please enter text in search text A.
    Error 5527 Invalid locations specified.
    Error 5528 Specified locations are invalid. At least one location must be selected for each point type selected.
    Error 5529 Invalid field identifier, specifically c. If Process without question is selected as the field ID, a numeric value must be entered in the general text search.
    Error 5530 < code> “Compare to field ID” option is selected, but all actions are performed for fields selected from locations.
    Error 5531 is as follows the location string can never be found or exactly where to start: . They appear in the target parameter field in the Match Anyw texthere.Error

    Search is in progress on the selected non-system AR server because the Save Relationships option Objects" is not enabled.

    The search should not be performed on the server of the selected AR system that is enabled because the “Save Object Relationships” setting is not enabled. To open this option, activate the “AR System Administration: Server Information” form, select the “Configuration” tab, select the “Save Relationships” object option, and restart the current AR System server. Retry the search after restarting the main server.

    5533 Warning Finding the string of all for locations can be a time-consuming task.Choose this parameter only if you think that the search text you entered does not really match many objects.5534
    Error 5535

    search for Other is already running in the background. Only one search can be displayed at a time.

    This error occurs when a “New To” search is attempted while the previous search is still running in the background.<

    < /td > /tr>

    Error 5536 No match found for this string in the selected permanent locations. Your current setting is "Match only string constants".
    List specification error 5537 one of the real names already exists . Please select another name.5538 Name
    Error, worklist is empty. Please provide a name for work list targets./tr>

    Finding failed >tag difficult to complete at 0:00 am Server not configured for tech support revision control tags.
    Investigation error 5540 Tasks can simply be enabled orand no passed 0 .Server not configured to register tasks.
    5541 .Error Label .search . can not . It will be completed. on .0 ..Server does not support version control tags.
    Error 5542 Search cannot be performed on 0 . The modification date must be in the format MM/DD/YYYY hh:mm:ss yyyy. Example: 06/25/2000 13:35:02.
    Error 5543 No object type selected while searching. Do not select an object type. Error None.
    5544 for .specified .keywords .. Current setting is "Match keywords only".< /code>
    Error 5545 Searching for the specified text cannot be recognized as locationName: at 1 .
    Error 5546 Some of the referenced locations on server are not supported. They will only be removed from these locations.
    Error 5547 0 should have a value, whether enabled or not disabled.< 5548 Not /code>
    Error Specified menu type for menu. As a rule, at least one menu type must be selected.
    5550 Note Analysis completed successfully.
    Object error 5551

    cannott be easily added. Object options for record relationships are not defined.

    error event 5528

    Select the relationship option Save Objects in AR System Administration Configuration: Server Forms Information.

    Error 0 5575 Unknown error:.Error
    5576 while loading < code>View event errors. The form does not exist on the server on . There are
    5577 object errors The relationship between records is simply not enabled.
    Error 5578 Viewing the event navigator loads an event from form 0 at the moment. Only one form can be loaded at a time.
    Error 5579 Operation canceled due to actual error Some users! users! Some code>
    5580 objects were converted during initialization!
    Error 5600 The storage is not just connected to .5601
    Error >This item may not be updated in L10nItemStore.
    Error 5602 Version matches unset location: .< /td>
    Error 5603 No translation status set:.
    Definition file error.
    Error 5605 Location not supported target: .5606 Error
    Error creating homograph 0 for:.
    Error getting root definitions from file .Error
    5608 0 of file . Error writing save time.
    5610 Error updating point element .
    Error 5611 Location was not found by chance in element .
    Error 5612 Invalid interpretation location. .
    Error 5613 Invalid database location. .
    Error .5614 Error .deletion .0 .. Access denied.
    Error 5615 Duplicate package name: en .

    Form was ignored because it is probably not suitable for location data.


    Moodthose Become so that data can exist localized. See Using Direct Localization Tools to Localize Applications.


    Field 5618 if the form was omitted, as you can see that the translation length exceeds the "+" range limit.

    Surely increase the length of the form field. The length due to the translation string exceeds the length of the arena defined by the form in for the user. See Using the Application Localization Localization Tool. p>

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  • Value < tr>< td>L10N error ui-settings|empty value specified. Please select an existing directory.< /p>

    The field from the root folder to the end of the Settings window h is empty. valid Enter the directory path. See Localization tools using localization for your applications of your own.

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