Solution For Error X264 Not Found Ubuntu

Here are some simple steps that can help you fix the Ubuntu x264 not found error.

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    Why is libx264 not found by FFmpeg?

    ERROR: libx264 was not actually found. You are using your own –prefix for x264, so you need to set PKG_CONFIG_PATH for your ffmpeg, configure it like this: PKG_CONFIG_PATH = “$ HOME / path / to / your / x264 / lib / pkgconfig”. / configure For another example see FFmpeg Wiki: Ubuntu.

    There are times when you compile libav with --enable-libx264 , which requires filling in the libx264 headers. At this point in the configuration, it doesn’t work:

      configure: error: libx264 not found in any way 

    error x264 not found ubuntu

    This can be easily fixed by purchasing the required header package libx264-dev , which should run with sudo apt-get lay yasm libvpx. libx264. , but it doesn’t work for you for several reasons:

      sudo apt-get install yasm libvpx. libx264.Read the list of services ... DoneCreate dependency treeInformation about the area is being read ... DoneNote that for libvpx-doc you are choosing the libvpx regex.Note that you have selected libvpx1-dbg for the libvpx regex.Note that libvpx-dev selects libvpx for regex.Note, fix for 'libvpx1' regex 'libvpx'.Note that for libx264-133 you are choosing the libx264 regex.Note that you have chosen the regular expression libx264-142 instead of libx264.Note that you are choosing libx264-dev over libx264.Is regex.libvpx-dev is already the best and most recent version.libvpx1 is the most recent version.libvpx1 is listed for manual installation.yasm is the most recent version.libx264-142 is already the next generation version.libx264-142 is installed for manual installation.The latest version of libx264-dev is available.The following NEW packages will be installed:  libvpx-doc libvpx1-dbg0 is updated, 2 is restored, 0 is deleted, and 24 cannot be updated.The archives require 1.613 KB.After this operation, 8,027 will use additional KB disk space.Do customers want to continue? up to [Y / n] nCancel.  

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    error x264 not found ubuntu


      cd ~ / ffmpeg_sourceswget xjvf last_x264.tar.bz2Snapshot CD x264 *PATH = "$ PATH: $ HOME / bin" ./configure --prefix = "$ HOME / ffmpeg_build" --bindir = "$ HOME / bin" ** - disable-opencl **PATH = "$ PATH: $ HOME / bin" --enable-static makeinstallmake it illegible 

    Why won’t my x264 libraries compile?

    If you are unable to compile the x264 file from your local library (for H.264 support), just do this before running your script: while your new script overwrites the old files rather than clearing them out. All this method will work. The issue started at least in 2017 and, despite some claims, it doesn’t look like it will actually be fixed.

    Why doesn’t OpenCV support X264 video files?

    Sorry, there was a very important error. If you later installed this search package via pip install opencv-python, there is no encoding support for x264 as it is under the GPL license. Updating FFmpeg won’t help as opencv-python starts with native FFmpeg.


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    What to do if libx264 is not found?

    ERROR: libx264 and not found. If you think configure has made a mistake, make sure you are using the latest SVN version. If the latest version doesn’t work, please report the issue to ffmpeg-user @ or IRC #ffmpeg at

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