Eve Online Map Panel Solution Tips

Sometimes your system may display an error code pointing to the eve online map panel. There can be several reasons for this problem.

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    The Star Map is an EVE Online world map consisting of two views: the star map itself and the solar system map, with various features and statistics available to both. Must (You know that EVE has introduced a new map, along with the intention of eventually replacing that particular star map. The new map is commonly referred to as a beta map.)

    The map can still be accessed (and closed) by clicking the full map button in the Neocom panel or by pressing F10. After that, you will get a 3D view of the whole world. Each point of the site is a system in itself. If you prefer the 2D view, anyNo click “Map” on your world map panel. There you can switch between the Starlet board and the Solar Computer System board.

    You also need to edit your own map display and change the automation settings in this panel.

    Mouse Actions

    To zoom in or out on the map, use the search button on your mouse, or press left + right and move the duck up or down.

    How do I open map in EVE?

    (You should be aware that EVE has introduced a new map with the intention of eventually replacing the Star Map. The brand new map is called the Beta Map.) The map can be viewed (and closed) by clicking the link map in Neocom. panel or by pressing F10. You will then be presented with a 3D view of the entire galaxy.

    To move the guide, hold down the right mouse button of the game mouse and move the mouse.

    To change the view angle of the map, press and hold the mouse button and move the PC pointer.

    eve online map control panel

    To center the map on the star, left-click on Why Star.

    World Map Panel

    Search Tab

    How big is the EVE Online Map?

    The size of the lobby grid in EVE Online is simply increased by 32 times. Instead of 250 km, the relative size of each grid is now 8000 km. More space for new space adventures! 4 days ago

    The search register allows you to search for a specific system, constellation, or region. If you right click on a search solution, you will get different options. These:

    • Show Solar System Map Browser in: Opens the Map Browser, which can also be accessed by pressing F11.
    • Show on map – enlarges the street map according to the systemThe one you were probably looking for.
    • Set Target: Sets your presence on this system’s autopilot.
    • Add waypoint X. If you want to visit more than one place, you have the option to add more waypoints. Your autopilot should then disengage each time you extend the waypoint (or continue, depending on your autopilot settings).
    • Bookmark Location: Saves a bookmark for this product located in your contacts and places.
    • Show Info: allows you to view documents about the system, such as the language systems it is directly related to (in the Constellation section), what is in the main system (stations/planets/moons/asteroid belts – orbital elements) and the route in Multilevel(Route).System
    • Avoid: Puts this layered element on the autopilot avoid list
    • Show Constellation in MapBrowser – Opens MapBrowser (also available by pressing F11).
    • Show on map. When searching, the constellation increases on the map.
    • The location of the bookmark. Saves a very specific bookmark for the constellation thatIt is permanently displayed in the list of your people and places.
    • Show Info: Allows you to view the systems in this constellation, my route to the nearest system to the constellation, and other constellations it is associated with.
    • Avoid constellation: Add this constellation to the list of areas to avoid for autopilot.
    • Show in Map Browser: Opens a specific Map Browser, which can also be accessed by pressing F11.
    • Show on map: allows you to zoom in on the area you are looking for on the map.
    • Bookmark Location: Stores a bookmark for your current region, listed in your contacts and places only. However, this may not be useful.
    • Show. The data allows you to see how the constellations are located in this region and simply in other regions with which they are associated.
    • Avoid region. This region will be added to the autopilot exclusion list.

    Star Chart Tab

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  • On this tab you can define the map view. It is still divided into six tabs:

    Here you can find out how systems should be marked. You canYou can choose options such as the actual colors of the star, where you have money, how many pilots are active in space, etc. However, keep in mind that if you choose Amount, most of the map will have an offset of Aircraft Pilots in space”, the information you have may not be up to date.

    This is taken into account when setting parameters such as the number of region labels you want to see on the map. It also allows you to choose whether to show constellation names, solar system names, and, in addition, landmark names.

    eve online map control panel

    Here you set the number of lines connecting your components to display. You can also color the lines differently:

    • By type of jump: blue to our own constellation, red to another constellation but in the same region, and purple to another region.
    • By region: Regions are assigned different colors so you can see the borders of each region.
    • By rating. The rating should be displayed as three dots: green if above 0.0, gray can be neutral, and red if below 0.0. Lines between systemsand are displayed in one of these three colors to determine your place in that area.

    Here you can set the map to have no tiles, light past tiles (for more subtle sovereignty information), or limited tiles (for any clearer faction depiction that promotes sovereignty in the area). Displaying the star map with the options “Tile Color by Sovereignty”, “Show Outlines of Territories” and “Show All Sovereignty Changes” displays the star map with a grid and in specific colors for each of these factions. Recent sovereignty changes will display flashing colored tiles under the factions that currently own those parts of space.

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