Tips To Resolve Unknown Error 1303 IPod Classic

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    You may encounter an error that points to the classic 1303 iPod unknown error. There are several ways to solve this problem, so we’ll look at it now.

    Yesterday I bought a wonderful 160GB which I had to ship today because it was defective (failed to sync, at some point iTunes reported that it might be corrupted).

    I currently have another one that I sync with iTunes. From time to time I get an article error and it stops:

    An attempt to copy a specific “MY_IPOD” to the hard drive failed. An unknown error would have occurred (-1303).

    I have a problem syncing to an iPod using the same Apple iTunes. I never there were bugs with the old iPod – usually the new Classic. For some reason, I synced 20GB yesterday with this old iPod with problems. The classic version has failed today with a near error of 2.5 GB and 6 GB.