Easy Way To Fix Persistent SMTP Error Ora-29279 Denied Access To Relay

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    Here are some easy ways to help you fix relay access denied with persistent smtp ora-29279 error. In this situation, the failure to access relay 554 was caused by a POSTFIX setting on a virtual machine that was acting as a test SMTP server and it was not configured to allow email forwarding from IP addresses other than the local computer ( accepted. 0.1 / 8).

    Hi i am trying to unblock plsql email.

    172 172 100.16 is the type of address of the computer running the Winproxy server. Our next OutLook Express stores ( outbound and inbound addresses. I am using client model (

    When I look at the procedural claims below
    1 create or replace
    2 Procedure Send_mail (p_sender IN VARCHAR2,
    3 p_recipient IN VARCHAR2,
    4 p_message IN VARCHAR2)
    vi l_mailhost VARCHAR2 (255): = ‘172.172.100. 16 ‘;
    7 l_mail_conn utl_smtp.connection;
    new l_mail_conn: = utl_smtp.open_connection (l_mailhost, 25);
    10 utl_smtp.L_mailhost);
    helo (l_mail_conn, nine utl_smtp.mail (l_mail_conn, p_sender);
    12 utl_smtp.rcpt (l_mail_conn, p_recipient);
    13 Utl_smtp .open_data (l_mail_conn);
    18 utl_smtp.write_data (l_mail_conn, 20 p_message);
    utl_smtp.close_data (l_mail_conn 16);
    utl_smtp.quit (l_mail_conn);
    17 * /

    End of the procedure;
    SQL> created…

    send_mail (