Tips For Fixing Oracle Error 31623

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    In this article, we will identify some of the possible causes that can cause oracle error 31623 and then show several ways to resolve it.

    I received the following error message: “ORA-31623: task could not be attached to this session when the specified handle is displayed – an error occurred while migrating the Oracle database”.

    A Job That Is Not Associated With This Session Via The Selected Handle

    This ORA-31623 error is related to an attempt to refer to an ideal job using a handle that may or may not be valid for the current session lookup.

    Change system position of streams_pool_size

    SQL> Show parameter streams_pool_sizeNAME TYPE VALUE– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – ”––– ––– –– ––– ––––––streams_pool_size big integer 0 agesql> system pool area = both streams stream_pool_size = 64M sid = '*';The system has been changed.

    Follow all the steps below to troubleshoot and resolve this issue to:

    Step the problem, 1. First check the value of STREAMS_POOL_SIZE in the database:

    Connect or as sysdbaShow streams_pool parameterselect * away V$sgainfo; from... the poolStream Size 0 Yes

    If Zu streams_pool_size is small, the Data Pump job will fail. This is trueIt can also happen when you are using Auto Shared Management Memory (ASMM) or Automatic Management Memory (AMM) space and there is not enough memory to increase STREAMS_POOL_SIZE.

    Settings for manual STREAMS_POOL_SIZE 128M 64M, or even 256M should be successful.
    Increase (also for sga_target ASMM) or memory_target AMM), (to show more free memory available when configuring automatic SGA components.

    To avoid this error, you need to set up a datapump database with a thread pool.
    Set the STREAMS_POOL_SIZE ALTER manually (using SYSTEM or by changing my value to PFILE/SPFILE), restart the database and retry Pump’s Data Export.

    Step 2: Check for a possible invalid data line object:

    connect / as sysdbaView water settingsadmin pass A10name for object column for a30built-in kupc$datapump_quetab parsing, cascading structure check;parse desktop kupc$datapump_quetab_1, check cascading structure;Select object id, owner, object name and reputation from dba_objects.  where is the volume namethe one in 'kupc$datapump_quetab%';as string SetColumn status 100 for a9col object_type if it is equal to a20;owner col.object for a50title, object id, select owner ||' object, type.'||object name "OWNER.OBJECT"from dba_objectswhere the name of the object is ordered as "%DATAPUMP_QUETAB%" in accordance with 3 p.4;

    If invalid queuing objects exist here, data pumping will not work. This usually results in an error in the Alert.log file:

    ORA-00600: error code rrnner, args: status], [kwqbgqc: below average [1], [1], [], [], [], []For [], for more details and full completion, see:Note 754401.1 bug - ORA-31623 ORA-600 resulting in status [kwqbgqc: Incorrect] when exporting or importing DataPump

    Step 3. Check invalid (CATALOG, CATPROC, JAVAVM registry components) and invalid used objects:

    connect system / as sysdbaSet 90 linesmap a12 passcol for comp_id for a8col, specifically the schema versioncol comp_name a35 formatColumn state for a12select comp_id,schema,status,version,comp_name from dba_registry, sell for 1;Set 120 linescol status is for a9object type col for a20;col a50select object status, owner||' object_id, object type, .'||object name "OWNER.OBJECT"  directly from dba_objects  where status != 'REAL' and owner = 'SYS' and object_name is not comparable to Commander 'bin$%'  after 4.2;

    If the registry components of the CATPROC directory and/or JAVAVM and/or objects such as SYS.KUPW$WORKER or SYS.KUPP$PROC are not valid, the pump job will necessarily fail.
    To fix this, reload the Data Pump into the database:

    connect /see as start sysdba-- spool to file:pinwheel catset queues 120 numwidth 12 sides 10 $.000 long 2000000000Change session set HH24:MI:SS';Show user nls_date_format='yyyy-mm-ddselect system date from double;immediate stop-- 9.2, usage: boot migrationTransfer of [email protected]?/rdbms/admin/[email protected]?/rdbms/admin/[email protected]?/rdbms/admin/utlrp.sqlrelaxscroll down the registry-- Record status:together 90collar line drawing for a12col comp_id for a8col another schema versioncol not comp_name a35 formatauthoritative pass for a12select comp_id,schema,status,version,comp_name from dba_registry, from received Objects 1;-- invalid:Patch set 120Column status for a9object type collar fits a20;owner of col.objectI a50select status, object_id, enter object owner, ||'.'||object name "OWNER.OBJECT"  by dba_objects  where the status is ! 'VALID' and owner='SYS' and object_name anything that is not 'BIN$%'  contains an Order after 4.2;turn off immediatelyfaderelax

    For information links and visit:
    Note 430221.1. Datapump reload utility 863312 expdp/impdp
    note 1. Guidelines for running by directory from catproc file with utlrp
    scriptNote 308388.ORA-31623, Error 1: submitting a DataPump export job

    If the JAVAVM component is invalid, validate it by doing the following:

    Note 1112983.1. Reload instructions for JVM here 11.2.0.x
    Note 276554.1. This reload of JVM 10 in versions 1.0.X and 10.2.0.X
    Note 1612279 Comment 1 – Reload JVM la in version 12.1.0.x

    Step 4. Check if _FIX_CONTROL is set for error 6167716:

    connect - as sysdbaShow parameter of this _fix_control

    If a storage option is set, the data transfer job will fail.

    oracle error 31623

    For more details see:
    Advisory decision, 1150733.1. DataPump export (EXPDP) fails with ORA-31623, error if for ora-6512 _F optionIX_CONTROL=’6167716:OFF’ set to 5

    oracle error 31623

    step. If Data Job Water is started by a package, check if the package was created and the caller’s permissions (AUTHID clause):

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Open the program and click on "Scan"
  • Step 3: Click on "Repair" to start the restoration process

  • connect / just because sysdbaOffer lines 120 Number width 12 sheets 10000 2000000000col lang ddl lot for a100select dbms_metadata.get_ddl('PACKAGE','','') "DDL" from double;

    If the instant package appears to have been created with a summoner, the data load task may fail when run from that type of package.

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