Here’s How To Remotely Troubleshoot Reinstalling Lion Issues

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  • Step 3: Click on "Repair" to start the restoration process
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    You may receive an error stating that you are reinstalling Lion remotely. There are several ways to fix this problem, so we will do it shortly.

    Install Mac OS X remotely on a remote computer whose optical CD drive you want to share because you want to do next on this MacBook Air:

    • Reinstall Mac OS X and various software that came with your MacBook Air.
    • Reset password
    • Use Disk Utility – recover your failed MacBook Air disk.

    Note. You can also perform these tasks from your MacBook Air SuperDrive. To refer to the next section. To work remotely from Mac OS X:

    1. Insert this Mac OS X 7 installation disc into the optical drive of the computer you are using that supports the Remote Disc function.
    2. If the other computer is a Mac, choose Applications> Utilities> Remote Mac Hosted in OS X. On Windows, request “Remote Install Mac OS X” in this setup wizard.
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    How do I reinstall Mac OS remotely?

    Insert the Mac OS X 1 installation disc into the dedicated optical drive of your PC that you will use with the Remote Disc function.If the other computer is usually a Mac, choose Applications> Utilities> Remote Install Mac OS X. For Windows, choose Install Mac OS X Remotely in the setup wizard.

    Remote Install Apple PC X Operating System helps you install the Mac PC X operating system on your MacBook Air.

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    Open Assistant on a Mac that experts say has an installation screenFor Mac OS X in the eyepiece drive. The wizard will then guide families through the setup and installation steps.

    Click Next to start.

    1. Read the introduction and just click Next.
    2. Select the installation CD you want to use, click and then “Next”.
    3. Select a specific network connection: AirPort if you intend to use AirPort or network, Ethernet, if the other computer is connected to Ethernet, and you have an optional Apple USB Ethernet adapter that supports MacBook Air connectivity. to the same network. Click Next.
    4. Restart your MacBook Air and hold down the Option key during startup until you see a list of existing hard drives on startup.
    5. Click Next when installing OS Mac X remotely.
    6. If you selected AirPort as the network in step 5, on your MacBook AirPort, select AirPort as the network from the pop-up number. If the network is secure, you will be prompted for a password. You can enter an appointment on a private network by selecting the ellipsis (…) and also entering a name.
    7. If you selected AirPort as your network in step 8, whenOnce you see an AirPort icon showing signal strength, click Continue Mac OS X Remote Install.
    8. You can now reinstall the software, reset your password, or run Disk Utility.

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