How To Run On Apache On Windows?

You may encounter an error code indicating that is running on Apache on Windows. Well, there are several ways to solve this problem, so we will discuss them shortly.

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    ASP .NET itself cannot be used on Apache web servers as it is also tightly coupled to the factors and services provided by IIS compared to Windows which means it is a dead end. However, you can still use the Mono project and this is how to compile an ASP.NET web application with Mono that can run on Linux or even other platforms, i.e.Also on other websites. I found it for you mod_mono | mono[^]. You can review the documentation and make the necessary changes to deploy a specific website to the Apache application servers.

    run on apache in windows

    ASP.NET has ample support for the core and other apache support groups. So you might think that if you want to use Apache you want to use this platform Microsoft Docs[^]

    How do I run an ASPX file on an Apache server?

    Find the location of the physical folder on your hard drive and select Security Settings. Depending on the operating system you are using, make sure that the following permissions have read/execute permissions (as well as write permissions, depending on site capabilities): IIS_IUSRS. IUSR_MACHNAME.

    In this tutorial, you will learn how to set up Apache as your own reverse proxy on 7 centos that redirects HTTP traffic to some ASP. NET, the main web application running on the Kestrel server can redirect.The mod_proxy extension used as a module creates a server reverse proxy.


  • A CentOS server running 7 and a standard account user with sudo permission. Each
  • install our .Core network runtime on the server type.
    1. Visit Download .NET Core.
    2. Select .latest .non-previous.NET Core version.
    3. Download the latest version of the preview runtime without previewing it under Launch Applications – Runtime.
    4. Select Linux Package Manager bind tasks and follow CentOS instructions.
  • ASP.NET Core application detected.
  • In the future, after updating the Distributed Starter framework settings, ASP.NET will be core hosted on the server.

    Publishing And Copying Application

    If your app often runs locally in development environment, but isn’t configured by the forum to make secure HTTPS connections, use what you share. from the following programmatic approaches:

  • Configure the application to manage secure local relationships. See HTTPS configuration.

    for more information.

  • Set up application control one on the insecure endpoint:

  • Disable the HTTPS software redirect middleware in development area (Program.cs):

    Can C# run on Apache?

    2 answers. Apache supports libraries running C# using Mod Mono. Also, you and your family can use CURL submit for a complete C# web request that works in iis.

    if (!app.Environment.IsDevelopment())    Application UseHttpsRedirection();

    View some environments in ASP.NET Core.https://localhost:5001

  • Remove (if

  • is present) in addition to the applicationUrl property, any property in the Properties/launchSettings.json.


  • For more information about the configuration created by the environment, see. section in Using Multiple Environments Running in ASP.NET Core.Publishing

    Run dotnet from the development environment to link the smartphone app to a directory (e.g. bin/Release/TARGET MONIKER/publish, a framework where is a TARGET FRAMEWORK MONIKER placeholder is Target Framework Moniker (TFM) which can be executed with a link to the server:

    dotnet publish --configuration Release

    The application can also be released as self-contained deployment if you don’t want to just leave the .core mesh rendering on the server.< / p >

    Copy the .NET Core ASP application to the server using a tool that integrates sample from the Enterprise SCP workflow (for SFTP). Web applications often look in a directory (for example, var var/www/helloapp).

    Set Up A Real Proxy

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  • The reverse proxy can be a normal configuration for powerful web applications. The reverse proxy completes the HTTP request and passes the ASP.NET task to that application.

    Can we host .NET Core on Apache?

    You can’t .NET Core on Windows with apache enabled. What you can do is take advantage of Kestrel with a reverse proxy as described in this article.

    Proxy Internet Hosting Server redirects requests from clients to another host instead of serving the requests itself. The reverse proxy performs a redirect to the specified destination, on behalf of the usually valuable clients, which are arbitrary. In this Apache tutorial, it has always been configured as a reverse proxy, running on the same server where Kestrel serves the ASP.NET Core application.

    Because forwarded requests come from reverse proxies, use Header Forwarding Middleware, such as the Microsoft.AspNetCore.HttpOverrides package. Scheme using X-Forwarded-Proto h2 tags to redirect multiple URIs and security policies to work properly.

    Any schema-dependent component, such as authentication, link generation, redirects, or geolocation, must be placed after placement, usually by calling middleware redirect headers.

    Middleware headers must run before other middleware. This request ensures that the middleware that references the passed header information can process these header values ​​for use. fhmo”>Command section for middleware passed in headers.method

    Call UseForwardedHeaders at the top of Startup.Configure before interacting with other middleware. middleware Configure and forward X-Forwarded-For and From x-forwarded-proto:


    //Microsoft.AspNetCore.HttpOverrides;app.Use forwardedheaders (new forwarded headers options  forwardedheaders= forwardedheaders.XForwardedFor );Application UseAuthentication();

    If no ForwardedHeadersOptions are specified for the middleware, the forwarded header type will default to None.

    Proxy servers running in the learning loop (, [::1]), response including the default localhost (, are trusted by default. If another network or trusted proxies for the organization handle requests between this Internet and the web server, add to their list similar to KnownProxies or KnownNetworks with ForwardedHeadersOptions< /a> . The following example adds a trusted mit proxy-internet-hosting-server with Ip address to this KnownProxies headers middleware passed to startup in .ConfigureServices:

    run on apache in windows

    // using System.Net;services.Configure(Options.=> . . .Options ..KnownProxies.Add(IPAddress.Parse("")););

    For more information, see Configuring .NET Core ASP to work with proxy providers and load balancers.

    Install Apache

    Can you run ASP.NET on Apache?

    ASP.NET Apache Hosting Mod_mono apache module helps to run ASP.NET applications inside Apache web server.

    sudo yum -y extension

    Install Web apache on a CentOS internet machine with a single command yum:

    sudo yummy -y install httpd mod_ssl
    Download packages:httpd-2.4.6-40.el7.centos.4.x86_64.| rpm 2.7 MB 00:00:01Checking the current transactionTransaction verification completedAn example of a transaction will complete successfullyTransaction processInstallation: httpd-2.4.6-40.el7.centos.4.x86_64 1/1Check: httpd-2.4.6-40.el7.centos.4.x86_64 1/1Bring to life:httpd.x86_640:2.4.6-40.el7.centos.4Fully!

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