I Have A Problem Finding The Boot Entry Ide-0 Not Found

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    In some cases, your computer may display a message that the ide-0 boot entry was not found during the search. There can be several reasons for this problem.

    System Hangs “Looking For Boot Entry From IDE-0..OK”

    I turned off my last computer a few months ago. There was a real problem with the onboard video, so I put in a plastic AGP graphics card. It still had issues including system crash (it was a completely clean install of WinXP Pro), I completely replaced the motherboard (ECS K7SEM to K7S5VA ecs Pro). I used old SDR RAM on mobo, new one and reinstalled WinXP Pro. Everything was working great until I picked it up to be at my friend’s house and it didn’t start (it would loop on position and then stop at: “Searching for IDE-0 boot entry from.. OK”. I decided to connect different connector for the power cable as every box had a 3 pin connector but the mobo only had 3 pins available I have done this several times before in the same case with the mobo and never had much of an issue… so how it was The last thing I did I pulled that plug and everything worked fine (it didn’t seem logical but who’s to know) muscle advancement?!? lol) Later that weekend my friend called and told me to understand that this message is unchanged (“Searching for Boot Record after IDE-0..OK”), I replaced the same processor (AMD XP athlon 1700+) with any new AMD XP athlon 2200+ processor, there I did not reinstall WinXP Pro and so everything is fine fine again (next I dropped the dissonance of the power LED). I have to go back to it, plug it in and am stuck again with the boot entry message. In

    Hangs “Check If The Boot Sector In IDE-0… Is OK”

    July 31, 2002, 11:30 am. #2

    searching for boot record ide-0 not found

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