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    This blog entry was written to help you when you receive a problem solving error.

    the first

    Extract the file to PSP/GAME and the second one to the root;

    Select Memory: Card Tuning, Target FW: 5.0 [default], CFW, install Reset Settings Well

    Having basically 5 eu.00 M33-4, not to mention that it is now possible to flash most bug firmwares without DADADADA.

    By the way, to the best of my knowledge, DADADADA is a bug that prevents computer users from updating OFW.

    Download archives.HellCatRecovery 1.65 5.00 m33-6
    http://www.mediafire.Descomprimimos nos com/?15c38dr32tt9ql2
    Saldran una carcata llamada M un psp archivo 500.PBP
    .abrimos . tapa .PSP, .manda .nos .a .GAME, .abrimos .GAME .and .our .sales .la .carpeta .RECOVERY,
    .esa .carpeta .la .copie .et .la .pegamos .dentro . de .la .carpeta .GAME .de .la .memoria .de .a .new .. cogemos psp
    Ahora el archivo 500.PBP, s lo pegamos la en raiz la g de memoria la Ahora psp

    Iremos al Menú Juegos Farrenheit Ejecutaremos
    Hellcat Recovery Flasher. Paso
    1º Pulseamos X Sober I agree

    Step 2 – selectionamos Set CFW for them and pulsamos X

    solucionar error dadadada

    Paso Four Ahora seleccionamos reset (format) very similar to y X

    Paso pulsamos 4 º Cuando ponga Press any key to turn off
    tocamos cualquier tecla y ya t .Aendermos
    Y tenemosA la PSP lista firmware con 5.M33-6

    00 salimos ing menu la de psp pulsamos opt y for configuramos
    VSH m33 MENU

    ISO Mode UMD Sony np 9660

    If it works on version 3.or 52 earlier, run this program after XMB and make sure the kernel is probably set to 3.xx.

    solucionar error dadadada

    Abrimos restore compilation. it is decir apaga la consola delete todo o quitar chicago, il bateria y luego ponerla, ahora pulsa R y
    sin soltar R d enciende psp, una vez encendido te pueden abr el menu recovery

    no configuration and hay buscamos algo parecido a esto

    Homebrew game folder (current; core 3.xx) to access pre-existing content

    I have such a problem, it started every time I wanted to download some original firmware so that I could do it, At home I got this error ((can not run online, dadadada)) and I tried so hard to change it with 1.5 because I buy my psp version 3.4 OE-A. Is it possible

    anyone please advice to reset my handheld game console to firmware 1.5 let or me reinstall your stock firmware.

    I’ll tell you if you give me which links that contain the software ones that many of us need to use. De Cada

    Soluciones (si problema podeis aportar alguna solucion mejor) mas,.De

    Restore your computer to peak performance in minutes!

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Open the program and click on "Scan"
  • Step 3: Click on "Repair" to start the restoration process

  • significant error underkeys: 8008273A
    Solution: Restablecer adjusts presets.

    Unable to start game: 80020148
    Decision. There are issues with the UN data recovery configuration as they may not enable or disable, or enable or disable replication and just keep other configurations.

    al escanear redes internal error: 80410A0B
    Solution: In order to be safe, it is necessary to install the original version of sony without (preferably 1.5 changes with devhook) farrenheit probar la connection, if you are going to go through ultimo al cf Dark-Alex, assume there is no mandarla sony.

    Game launch error: 80020148
    solution: a simple introduction of JUEGOS and no vale dom película o activar en el recovery t . a opción no-umd Juegos (algunos not a chance Esta soportan opción por lo que pueden debe meter el umd p descativar esta opción arrancar para juegos) estos.

    Error on PSX: 8001002
    Solución: The New York decision is simply lo que ‘pasado esta vez a sido none que of hemos metido el juego in the game mat on (no valdrá esta cuando metido in game150 or game3XX mat on the ISO).

    alemular error 1 game psx: 8000004
    Decision: Este tiene manyas soluciones most likely that el no sea el firmware correcto este configurado male aseguraros de cual como manimo esta en 3.02OE-B est opción otra que este no el archivo key.bin y por ultimo cual haya happened , error when pasarlo o Formatted the PlayStation portable format for PSX to return intent.

    algun arrancar game error: 80020321
    Decision: Introducir el de umd JUEGOS o activar no-umd el (como pasa hoax el error 80020148 ).

    ms-home error: 80018006
    Solution: suele ocurrir Durante tarjetas de memorias o genericas piratas Superiores and 2 Gb de capacidad (4Gb United States 8Gb) for existing ones that format memory with chicago psp and copy memory card Lugar seguro luego conectar Houston y en mi pc Darle Fraud el botón derecho del ratón’s disco extraible which corresponds to Idaho PSP le damos a formatear pen en sistema archivos de seleccionamos fat16 luego copyamos las cars y huh esta arreglada nuestra memory.

    20148: Recovery failed.
    Solution: download two archives and eboot, download new files and restore
    A Advanced/Advanced Layout and BOOT Startup.Bin in UMD/ISO

    Download the software to fix your PC by clicking here.