How Do I Fix The Soundmax HD Audio Troubleshooter?

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    In this tutorial, we will identify some possible causes that might lead to soundmax HD Audio troubleshooting and after that, we will provide possible solutions that you can try to get rid of this problem.

  • Experiment with Soundmax’s built-in HD digital noise drivers…

    Well, I posted specifically on another forum because I was having issues with a headset that was plugged into a recently purchased game… I’ve pretty much solved my problem now, but I’m still fine with it. c Interested Getting all the latest Soundmax drivers for my personal built-in digital device ADI Soundmax, Game Enthusiast Audio 1981

    Yes, here’s the entry. Suggestions, especially from someone who is familiar with HP laptop driver buttons (and how to identify and identify them – effectively apply these changes to a large class of computers other than HP drivers) are welcome, and our own sloppy first chapter that mentions minor issues until they are resolved. this particular USB hub is resolved not as received overclocked.

    I just bought a fatal1ty headset and now I’m having some simple audio problems. It is obvious that the sound card is made from him, because I create the latest softwareand drivers for the corresponding headphones. Go away,

    So I basically used the driver obtained from the HP laptop test page, version 5.10.1. dated 5220 February 05, 2008

    I rummaged around the internet and heard a lot of these Soundmax drivers, to be honest I don’t know if this was one of them…

    I learned that 6 are dying. Driver number for And Vista: 5.10.02. For driver x xp 64.and so I need real 5.10.1# (with XP Pro windows Die sp3) which is newer than 5220. Now your on the site I found ( many of these men and women (218 to be precise and to be exact) searching for a release confuses me with a brand new date since the latest driver is only 5.10. 1# is, although version 5.10.1.A 6110 was released a little earlier. So who’s the last one?

    And out of all the 2008 releases…is there really a newer release? on the official website under soundmax there is no support for the level section.

    Device ID &VEN_11D4 hdaudiofunc_01: &DEV_1981 SUBSYS_103C30C5 &&REV_10024 &1D8C0F4E &nil &0001 because we can’t determine the exact device name.

    Find someone, any ideas?

    Thank you

    HPC_5860_1_XP_32_REF indicating supported hardware gaveeco no…

    soundmax hd audio troubleshooting

    EDIT #2:
    Used experience with modding drivers for ati Mobility and gpu, copied hp softpak products to install my soundmax driver in infe, this driver for linked 5860 above was installed from device manager, and, seems to work. let’s see how much…

    Edit #3:
    looking at the most important device manager, we now look stupid… my driver is now, even though it’s older than the hp side of the site. installed all INF files modified by


    I got the car owner 5870 from a specific site and installed it. These are newer too. ladies I preview the INF trace, maybe find out how future drivers will be compatible with the 8510p mod.

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  • OptiPlex GX280 Soundmax Embedded Digital Audio Files Error, DriverProblem?

    I have a great Optiplex GX280 with built-in Soundmax computer audio running Windows 7 SP1. The sound then works fine, nothing for a long time. I reinstalled the site, rebooted, even updated Windows, found the driver and configured it. Speakers work poorly. I tried mine and friendsI find smwdm pair.sys, ng. I checked the BIOS, the built-in dual sound recording is still working. Rebooted it, then again and turned it off permanently. I found a newer driver, is not compatible. Also, you can call it DOA and order your own PCI card, I think I would try it on the forums. Thank you very much for your help. DirectX:


    Issues found at 11

    Vendor: device diagram

    Name: same as smwdm.sys

    Version: 5.12.1.ROM 7010

    phoenix bios PLUS version 1.10 A08

    Pentium fast r, four processors, 3 processors, 2 GHz

    3.25 GB memory


    Use Windows Vista.

    Windows Vista

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
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  • Analogue ADI 198 x integrated audio
    Released January 24, 2007
    Version: A255.12.01.Recommended
    Download type: Driver
    Format 7010
    Important: File size: Unable to file: manage
    Size 3 MB

    R145551. EXE 32-BIT

    R145149. 64-BIT


    Dimension 2400 desktop
    Dimension 3000 B110 desktop
    170L desktop
    OptiPlex desktop
    OptiPlex gx270s and GX270N
    OptiPlex GX280
    OptiPlex GX520< br>OptiPlex GX620< br>OptiPlex sx270s / SX270N
    OptiPlex SX280
    Precision 360 pro 360N
    Precision 370
    Precision 450
    Precision 470
    Precision 650
    Precision 670

  • SoundMAX embedded digital audio

    soundmax hd audio troubleshooting

    I installed the SoundMAX driver. I often get a warning:

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