Solving Problem With Spring Dispatcher Servlet Java Configuration

This guide will help you when you see the Spring Dispatcher servlet Java configuration.

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    Learn about the Spring class, dispatcherservlet, its responsibilities, and how to configure it with examples.

    spring dispatcher servlet java configuration

    Table of Contents1. What is DispatcherServlet2. How it uses WebApplicationContext3. Configuration supported by DispatcherServlet XML4. Java Based DispatcherServlet Configuration5. Components Supporting DispatcherServlet6. Demo of DispatcherServlet

    1. Which Is Often A Spring Act Dispatch Servlet

    How the Dispatcher servlet works in Spring?

    In the case of Spring MVC, the DispatcherServlet is the front controller. The task of the DispatcherServlet is to redirect the request to the Spring MVC controller. The controller is the main component of Spring that handles the request.

    dispatcherservlet as an external dispatcherA catcher for web applications based on Spring. It provides a mechanism for PC requests where the real work is done via custom and delegated components. It must be inherited from javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet, usually configured in web the.xml.

    Can we configure multiple dispatcher servlet in Spring MVC?

    You can have as many DispatcherServlets as you like. Essentially you need to duplicate the configuration and provide a servlet with a different specification (otherwise it will overwrite the previous one) and have separate configuration options (or xml files) for that.

    A web summary can have any number of DispatcherServlet instances. Each servlet operates in its own namespace, loading its incredible application context with mappings and handlers used to help. The single root application context loaded by the ContextLoaderListener, if any, is safe to share. In most cases, the software only has one DispatcherServlet with a new context root URL (/) meaning that all requests to that domain will always be edited by it.< / p>

    DispatcherServlet uses Spring’s parameter classes to recognize the delegation mechanisms required for request matching, permission lookup, exception handling, and more.

    2. How Does The Following Use WebApplicationContext

    Where do you define dispatcher servlet in Spring framework?

    DispatcherServlet is the front controller for Spring web applications. It is used to run web applications and REST services for Spring MVC. In a traditional Spring web application, this servlet is available on the web. xml file.

    Let’s see how the dispatcher servlet can be used internally. In a Spring based utility, our application objects are in a container. The container creates physical associations between objects and supports their entire life cycle. These holding objects are called Spring-managed beans (or simply beans), and the container is no doubt referred to in the Spring world as the application context (via the ApplicationContext classes).

    WebApplicationContext will be a simple extension of ApplicationContext. it’s a web-enabled ApplicationContext which means it has information about the servlet context. When the DispatcherServlet is loaded, it becomes available and initializes the bean’s configuration file, including WebApplicationContext.

    By accessing the servlet context, any Spring Bean that implements the ServletConextAware interface can access the ServletContext instance and do a lot of things with it. For example, it can get context initialization variables, get context root information, and use pap’s web resource locationok apps.

    3. DispatcherServlet XML Configuration

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  • Let’s see what a typical DispatcherServlet declaration and initialization scheme looks like.

    org.springframework.web.context.ContextLoaderListener contextConfigLocationspring dispatcher servlet java configuration/WEB-INF/dispatcher-servlet-context.xml Servlet-Dispatcher org.springframework.web.servlet.DispatcherServlet contextConfigLocation 1 Servlet-Dispatcher /*

    In the code above, dispatcher-servlet-context.xml contains all the bean and relationship information provided by DispatcherServlet. These bean declarations override the definitions of any bean defined with the same name and present in the global scope. For instance. B

    /WEB-INF/views/ .jsp

    4. Java DispatcherServlet Configuration

    Starting with Servlet 3.0, DispatcherServlet can be extended programmatically in additional declarative configuration, typically in a web.xml file, by implementing an extension or referencing these three provided Spring support classes, which become “

    • WebAppInitializer interface
    • AbstractDispatcherServletInitializer abstract class
    • AbstractAnnotationConfigDispatcherServletInitializer summary class < /li>

      4.1. Web Application Initializer Example

      In the following class, the WebApplicationInitializer ensures that the ApplicationInitializer class is listened to by the SpringServletContainerInitializer (which appears to be automatically loaded) and used to initialize most of the three servlet containers.

      public class ApplicationInitializer implements t [email protected] void onStartup(ServletContext servletContext) throws ServletExceptionXmlWebApplicationContext appContext = new XmlWebApplicationContext();appContext.setConfigLocation(“/WEB-INF/dispatcher-servlet-context.xml”);ServletRegistration.Dynamic Registration = servletContext.addServlet(“rootDispatcher”, new DispatcherServlet(appContext));Registration.setLoadOnStartup(1);Registration.addMapping(“/”);

      4.2. 100% Java based initialization

      Public class ApplicationInitializer uses [email protected] void onStartup(ServletContext container)// Create ‘Root’ Springform ContextAnnotationConfigWebApplicationContext rootContext = new AnnotationConfigWebApplicationContext();rootContext.register(AppConfig.class);// Managing the lifecycle of the root usage contextcontainer.addListener(new ContextLoaderListener(rootContext));// Create the application context of the Spring dispatcher servletAnnotationConfigWebApplicationContext-DispatcherContext = new AnnotationConfigWebApplicationContext();DispatcherContext.register(DispatcherConfig.class);ServletRegistration.Dynamic Dispatcher = container.addServlet(“Dispatcher”,new DispatcherServlet(dispatcherContext));Dispatcher.setLoadOnStartup(1);Dispatcher.addMapping(“/”);

      In the code above, the Spring AppConfig and DispatcherConfig classes are based on managed beans designed for the web application context.

      4.3. Example AbstractDispatcherServletInitializer

      This is the WebApplicationInitializer base class for creating implementations that register DispatcherServlet in the global servlet context.

      The public class ApplicationInitializer provides [email protected] WebApplicationContext createRootApplicationContext()jump straight back zero;@Crushprotected WebApplicationContext createServletApplicationContext()XmlWebApplicationContext cxt = newXmlWebApplicationContext();cxt.setConfigLocation(“/WEB-INF/dispatcher-servlet-context.xml”);return sks;@Crushsecure string[] getServletMappings()return String[] modern “/”;//Save [email protected] process filter[] getServletFilters() Bounce immediately new Filter[] new HiddenHttpMethodFilter(), newly acquired CharacterEncodingFilter();

      Note that if you need to customize the DispatcherServlet, you can skip the createDispatcherServlet() method.

      4.4. Example AbstractAnnotationConfigDispatcherServletInitializer

      This group extends AbstractDispatcherServletInitializer and does some undeniable things that you could otherwise do all the time on your own. An added benefit is that you can now use our Spring-provided classes more easily., to manually customize some of the elements.

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