Solving The Problem With SQL Error Number 1452

This guide is designed to help you when you receive SQL error number 1452.

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    MySQL Error 1452. Unable to add or extend child row: Unable to execute strange key constraint? This error occurs every time we add a Foreign Most Important constraint between tables and insert criminal records into the child table. The error occurs when you try to add a row which in turn does not have a matching row in other tables.

    What is a child row?

    Description. As you can see, DataTables has the ability to display child rows for each row only (called “parent row” in this documentation to distinguish them after child rows). These substrings are attached to each parent short text and can be used for a storyline to provide additional information about that particular parent string or extension form.

    I created tables in MySQL Workbench like below:

    CREATE TABLE Command (  Order ID INT NOT NULL,  OrderDato DATE BY DEFAULT NULL,  Client ID INT DEFAULT NULL,  LIMIT Ordre_pk PRIMARY KEY (OrdreID),  LIMIT Ordre_fk FOREIGN KEY (CustomerID) REFERENCES Customer (customerid)) ENGINE=InnoDB;
    CREATE TABLE Orderlinje (  INT NOT NULL instruction,  Product INT NOT NULL,  Antall Beststilt INT DEFAULT NULL,  LIMIT Ordrelinje_pk PRIMARY KEY (order, product),  LIMIT Ordrelinje_fk FOREIGN KEY (Order) REFERENCES Order (OrderID),  LIMIT Ordrelinje_fk1 FOREIGN KEY (Product) REFERENCES Product (ProductID))  ENGINE includes InnoDB;

    So when I try to enter values ​​into the ORDRELINJE array I get:

    What does it mean when a foreign key constraint fails?

    If a foreign key constraint fails, a person cannot insert or update values ​​if one of the related tables substantially violates the referential strength defined by that constraint. This is usually expected behavior with relational

    Error code: 1452. Unable to promote or update child row: Your constraint foreign key is not working (srdjank.Ordrelinje, CONSTRAINT Ordrelinje_fk FOREIGN (Order) REF key Order (OrderID))

    I’ve seen other content on this topic, but I’ve had no luck.Am I missing something or does anyone know what to do?

    +----+------------+| identifier | city ​​name |+----+-------------+| 1 | York || 2 | Manchester || 3 | London || nine | Edinburgh |+----+-------------+

    sql error number 1452

    CREATE "Friends" TABLE (  `firstName` varchar(255) NOT NULL,  `city_id` unsigned integer, NOT NULL,  PRIMARY KEY ("name"),  LIMIT "friends_ibfk_1"    FOREIGN KEY (`city_id`) REFERENCES `Cities` (`id`))

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  • INSERT INTO `Friends` (`firstName`, `city_id`) VALUES ('John', 5);
    ERROR 1452 (23000): Unable to add or update a specific child row:foreign key limit not working(`test_db`.`friends`, LIMIT `friends_ibfk_1`FOREIGN KEY (`city_id`) REFERENCES `city` (`id`))
    INSERT INTO `Friends` (`firstName`, `city_id`) VALUES ('John', 1);-- Request 1 ok, lineaffected (0.00 sec)
    UPDATE `Friends` SET city_id = 5 WHERE `firstName` = 'John';-- ERROR 1452 (23000): Cannot add or update a child row

    sql error number 1452

    INSERT TO `Cities` (5, 'Liverpool');-- Table of cities:+----+-------------+| identifier | city ​​name |+----+-------------+| 1 | York || 2 | Manchester || about three | London || 4 | Edinburgh || 5 | Liverpool |+----+-------------+
    INSERT INTO `Friends` (`firstName`, `city_id`) VALUES ('Susan', 5);-- Request OK, line 1 affected (0.00s)
    SHOW GLOBAL VARIABLES AS 'FOREIGN_KEY_CHECKS';-- +------+-------+-- | variable name | value |-- +------+-------+-- | Foreign Key Validation | A |-- Install +-------------------+-------+
    -- for current session:SET FOREIGN_KEY_CHECKS=0;--Common kit:SET GLOBAL FOREIGN_KEY_CHECKS=0;
    INSERT INTO `Friends` (`firstName`, `city_id`) VALUES ('Natalia', 8);-- Query OK, 1 row affected (0.01 sec)UPDATE `Friends` SET city_id = 17 WHERE `firstName` 'John';-- = Query OK, 1 row affected (0.00s)-- Lines matched: 8 changed: 1 0

    How do I fix SQL error 1452?

    Disable Significant Stranger Check The second way to fix ERROR 1452 with this course of action is to disable the FOREIGN_KEY_CHECKS variable on your MySQL server. This variable causes MySQL to check for any foreign key issues added to your tables before processing or updating them.

    -- Warnings: set for current session:SET FOREIGN_KEY_CHECKS=1;-- globally defined:INSTALL GLOBAFOREIGN_KEY_CHECKS=1;

    I’m trying to insert ethics into this table using the “insert into” command, but I’m getting the following error: “Error code: 1452. Unable to add update or child row: primary constraint outer constraint failed (TESTE.FUNCIONARIO, CONSTRAINT FUNCIONARIO_ibfk_1 FUNCTIONAL FOREIGN KEY REFERENCES (CPF_SUPERVISOR) (CPF))”.

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