Steps To Fix Squid Kernel Panic

If you have seen the squid kernel panic, the following tutorial may help you.

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    squid kernel panic

    clear the Squid cache or restart Squid, but I can’t do it every hour.

    ps / I installed an SSL certificate + SENSE 2 pf.3.3 RC

    This is my Moto “Squid Kernel” port for X Play. It is based on the old Motorola kernel and includes updates to itself from CodeAurora and Kernel. The original org, versions for my work, as well as compilations from other sources.

    This core has always been only for Moto X Play (lux)! Do not flash it with Surnia, Osprey or any other computer. This kernel is provided by AS-IS without warranty. I am not responsible for blocking your device. Flash if it was your own at your own peril and risk. Later versions of r22 are only available for Nougat ROMS!

  • LED notification support
  • Moderate undervoltage
  • Slightly overclocked
  • Linux updated to version 3.10.108.
  • Synchronizes with the latest CodeAurora RAM changes
  • Improved controls
  • Improved VMA caching, from ported 3 linux.15
  • Optimized arm exercises
  • Updated

  • f2fs drivers for encryption and other wireless networks
  • .

  • FIOPS and BFQ I/O schedulers
  • Regulator prprocessor Lionfish
  • Hot plug ClusterPlug big.LITTLE (required for MDP5)
  • Loading KCAL color msm8939 (by Savoca)
  • Improved ZRAM ported from Linux 4.Intensity 9
  • Vibration control
  • Compiled with Linaro GCC 7.3 and optimized for A53.
  • Removed Cortex Downwads and optimized configuration
  • squid kernel panic

    Flashing Instructions:
    Flash zips through TWRP. I recommend that you make a backup of the nandroid before flashing. This kernel works with both off-the-shelf ROMs and custom ROMs that can have WiFi configured as a kernel. Core Course

    squid for Moto Play, x kernel for Moto X Play

    r23: August 15, 2018- Aggressively restored for Lux bcl batteries- Downgraded Tons of related security fixes- Ties- updated Compiled under Linaro GCC 7.3.1r22c: January 14, 2018- Fixed the work of Handsfree Lux modern on firmware.r22b 13: January 2018- Trucker fixesp22: audio January 11, 2018- Updated security fixes- Camera driverp21: December 6, 2017- Linux security fixes up to 3.10.108.- present to time- Fixes forI support Oreop20: August 2, 2017- Updated to Linux 3.10.107.Tons- security fixes from many places- Updated sdcardfs from Google- Update golf club CAF wifi- With compiled Linaro GCC 6.3.1p19: January 1, 2017- Added Nougat services for ROM.- called Update, Linux zRAM 4.9.- FUSE updated (optimized) with CAF- And kernel-aslr many specific leak fixes- Support for ARM PXN to prevent exploits- Tons of protection upgrades- Some CAF updates from la .BR.1.2.9_rb1.10- Fixed kernel panic when VPN is disconnected- updated to Linaro compiler 6 gcc.2.8 1r18: November, tons 2016- Go to backup updates- Updated to Linux 3.10.104.- Upgrade to Motorola from Kernel Reducing harpia- GPU delay factorp17: August 16, 2016- Updates Updated security- from Linux to 3.10.102.- Cyanogen Mod UpdatesR16g: Compliance May 16, 2016- Security updatesr16f: April 14, 2016 Reset- 10 f2fs updatesr16e: April 2016- Lower steady state ZRAM bcl voltage- updated from Linux 4.4.aprilr16d: 2016- 8, F2fs vibration concentration control- updated linux from 4.6- Fixes for CM13- FixedNo annoying compatibility with ClusterPlug.Co- built-in Linaro GCC 5.3r16b: April 6, 2016- ClusterPlug 2- Security fixes- Modifies CM13 for compatibilityp16: March 20, 2016- Updated to 3 linux.10.101- updated to Motorola MPD24. Update 107- WiFi users caf optimization- I/O under heavy load- Various bugs and fixesr15b: home safe February 27, 2016- Updated to Linux 3.10.98.- related Fixes, with ARMv8 encryption.- ARMv8 uses accepted cryptography for storagep15: February 6, 2016- Updated to Linux 3.10.96.- f2fs from 4 linux. Updated- 5 core library optimizations- Improved CFQ I/O scheduler.- Improved core PRNG.- Extended support for ARMv8 cryptography.- Best recruiting knowledge of ARM- Added "Minimum Processors" setting for IntelliPlug generation.- Various bug fixesr14b: January 4, 2016- Fixed hands-free microphone- Fixed weak/bad spoken audio- Security fix for CVE-2016-0728.p14: January 16, 2015- Partial support update CAF LA.BR.1.2.7_rb1.1- several more CA security fixesF.- Slightly smoother performance in Januaryr13b:14, 2016- Linux 3.12.52 security fixes and annoyancesR13: 17 January 2016- Motorola update on Marshmallow sources.- Work on should Marshmallow Stock ROM- Fixes- Various animations now look smoother with CM13.Compiled- with Linaro GCC 5.2p12: December 20, 2015- ONLY CM13!!!- Updated ZRAM- Optimized caching, payment and memory management- Optimized scheduler- Optimized tracking of general performance events- Updated camera driver via Updated CM13 versionr11f: December 17, 2015- under Linux 3.10.94- Updated back to LA.BR.1.1.3_rb1.41- WiFi - the module is the core- ONLY FOR CM13!!!r11e: December 1, 2015- Fixed some Incompetent cpufreq runs- ClusterPlug by default on small stock drives.- errorsR11d: Hotfix November 15, 2015 improved- Load calculation: 14 lionfishr11c November 2015- Disabled kernel interface for Perfd qualcomm.r11b: 14. 2015- made November ClusterPlug more robust PowerHAL/perfdp11: by November 14, 2015- Added new ClusterPlug CPU hotplug.- my lionfish cpu governorkeyp10g: November 11, 2015- Fixed Pronto CR-930533 vulnerability.- Possible fix for use after release in zRAM only- before Update 3 linux.10.93r10f: Research November 2015- core Updated Moto to Maxx-3.r10e: October 31, 2015:- Security improvements and stability- Updated to Linux 3.10.92.- Updated to CAF LA.BR.1.1.3_rb1.36- MDSS contributed closer to CAF- Compiled snapshot with Linaro GCC 5.1r10d: October 26, 2015 Corrected- r10c SELinux regression on ROM.r10c: October 2015- Support 24, fixed security- Fixes for Android compatibility with 6.0.r10b: October 4, 2015- Fixed issue with moving SD instance to card- DTB Cleaning to reduce size to 2p10: October 2015- Added KCAL color reduction (from Added savoca)- encryption routines optimized for ARM.- Updated to Linux 3.10.90.- Optimized memory performance- General cleaning or 1st: optimizationr9e 2015- fixed reload recovery in octoberr9d 1st: October 2015- Fix computer monitor error 30p9s:. September 2015- an update that helpscompile kernel sources- Linux under 3.10. 89- Update updated to LA.BR.1.1.3_rb1.32- Small changes and optimizationsr8b: September 18, 2015- Fixed motorcycle voice on- linux 3.10.88 updatedr8: version dated September 13, 2015., original- in terms of Lux

    Download the software to fix your PC by clicking here.