I Have A Problem With Trace And Debug Classes In C#

Recently, some users have told us about their experience with the trace and Debug classes in C#.

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    The debug lesson helps us to debug the code, and some tracing classes help us to track the execution of the code. The .Debug .College .class is intended for .debug .versions, .so the .Trace .class is used because of the .version .variants .. Table 21.Describes the 3 members of these Debug and Trace classes.

    This article describes how to search and debug Visual C#, and even provides sample steps to clarify the really important information. this


    For the Microsoft Visual Basic .NET version of the article, see Debug Trace Classes for Visual Basic .NET.

    trace and debug class in c#

    This article contains a link to the .NET Class Framework Library Namespace System Reference. Diagnosing and describing how to use the debug Trace.and Trace classes. These classes are available to the user in the .NET Framework. You can even use them to provide class information relevant to a production application, perhaps during a development application or post-production. .These .classes.are .part of.a.single.tooling.concept.available.in.the..NET Framework.


    The following is a list of the approved software, software, network infrastructure, and support packages you’ll need:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Microsoft C#
  • This visual article also assumesNo, you should be familiar with debugging programs.

    Technical Description

    The steps in Create the final sample with the debug class show how to create a game console application using the Debug style to provide information about the run solution.

    Is Trace better than Debug?

    Tracing is at a lower level than debugging and should never be created in a production environment.

    During program execution, each of your methods can use the Debug class to generate messages to help track program flow, detect crashes, or provide performance evaluation information. To work around this message, the problems displayed by the Debug class are generated in the output window of the Visual Studio IDE.

    The code example for uses this WriteLine method to create a lesson followed by a line terminator. If you use this alternative generation for the message, each signal appears on a separate line in the output window.

    If you use the current assert method of Debug complexity, the output window will display if the assertion is only defined Your condition will be false. The message also displays a modal dialog box to help you as a user. The dialog contains the message name of the project along with Debug. Confirm your bank statement number. The dialog box also contains three command buttons:

  • Cancel: Continue The application is interfering.

  • Try again: the application is entering debug mode.

  • Ignore: The application will continue to run. The user must always click one of these buttons before the application can continue.

  • It is often possible to redirect debug output to targets of a class other than the output window. The Debug class actually has a Listeners collection that contains Listener.


    Each listener object listens to the Debug output and directs the output to a specific destination.

    Each listener directory Du all receives the output produced by the expert query’s Debug class. You use the TextWriterTraceListener classification for Listener definition objects. youBe sure to specify the target for via textwritertracelistener its exactly class one constructor.

  • Displaying the console with the property System.Console.Out.
  • Text message file (.Par txt) using System directive whole.IO.File.CreateText("FileName.txt"). After successfully receiving the textwritertracelistener object, you must add an element to the Debug collection. in order for listeners to successfully receive the output of Debug.
  • Create An Example That Includes The Visual Debug Class

    1. Start or your company Visual C# Express Edition.You A

    2. Create a new Visual C# Console Application project named conInfo. Class1 is created by Studio in visual.NET. Program.cs is created when talking about Visual Studio 2005.

    3. Add the following Oben namespace to Class1 or Program.cs.

      using System.Variables diagnostics;
    4. To initialize content for product information, add fanbase declaration instructions to equals main:

      trace and debug class in c#

      string sProdName "Widget";interval iUnitQty = 100;doubled UnitCost is 1.03;
    5. Specify the message that the whole class will generate as the first type in the label parameterYes WriteLine. Press the key combination to ctrl+alt+o, make sure the output window should be visible.

      How do you Debug a class in C#?

      Open a classroom project.go [Project]Select [Properties] of the project below.go [Debug]In the "Start" line, select "Executable".Select the path to find the .exe file.Set breakpoints.

      Debug.WriteLine("Debug Information - Product Launch");
    6. For readability, use the indent method more often for indent messages in the output window:

    7. To filter the contents of the variables selected use the WriteLine method as follows:

      Debug.WriteLine("Product name + " sProdName);Debug.WriteLine("Available for IUnitQty search unit" +.ToString());Debug.Writeline("Unit cost is continuous. + dUnitCost.Can also tostring());
    8. You can use the WriteLine method type to display the namespace and additionally the class name of an existing idea. For example, the marketing manager namespace System displays .xml. Where xmldocument:

      What is the difference between Debug write and Trace write in C#?

      Debug. Writing is enabled and only effective for builds with the DEBUG flag set, while Trace.Writing is only effective if the TRACE flag is set.

      Output Window system.Xml.XmlDocument oxml = new System.Xml.XmlDocument();Debug.WriteLine(oxml);
    9. To organize the output, you can add category A as an additional input parameter to the WriteLine secret. If you specify the format category, the output frequency of the entire window will beMessage ""category:. For example, display a window in the output with the first line like "Field: product name becomes widget":

      Debug.WriteLine("This product is Label " + sProdName,"Field");Debug.WriteLine("Existing +Designs" iUnitQty,"Field");Debug.Cost writeline("unit" DUnitCost +.ToString(),"Field");Debug.Are writeline("total cost" + (iunitqty 6 . dUnitCost),"Calc");
    10. The output window can display messages when a certain condition evaluates to true using the WriteLineIf type of the Debug class. Error evaluating improbable WriteLineIf agent input. The second parameter of the WriteLineIf can be a message that appears often only when the if condition is evaluated in the to parameter with true start.

      Debug.50, writelineif(iunitqty > "Those Will thoughts appear");debug.WriteLineIf(iUnitQty < "ce 55, message will NOT be displayed");

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