Troubleshooting Tips When The Exchange Information Store Won’t Start

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    This guide was written to help you if you receive the “Unable to start information store replacement” error message.

    It was

    I called to fix a Microsoft Exchange Information Store issue that hasn’t started recently. All additional Exchange services started, but Information Store did not start and generated the following error:

    “Windows may not run the Microsoft Exchange Information Store locally on the computer.” See the System Event Log for more information. If the service is genuine and not Microsoft, contact your service provider. For more information, check out the service for various error codes – 2147221213. ”

    As suggested in the error message, I looked at the system event log and found the following event.

    Source: MSExchangeIS
    Event ID: 5003
    “Failed to initialize storage satisfaction information because the clock on the client and server were shifted. It will most likely improve over time on the client or server and the computer may need to be restarted. Check if your domain is configured correctly and is always up to date on the network. €

    Of course the time is on the Exc serverhange after each reboot was definitely different from the time on the domain controller. Synchronize

    unable to start exchange information store

    When I looked at them, I was running the following command.

    This will put the time in the path on the server, exchange, but our information store is still not running.

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Open the program and click on "Scan"
  • Step 3: Click on "Repair" to start the restoration process

  • To start the information store, I restarted the Microsoft Exchange Active Directory Topology service. This will restart all secondary Exchange services and should start the specific information store successfully.

    Don’t forget to fix the cause for a moment!

    1. How to install Exchange (CU3 2016 and higher) on Windows Server 2016

    Exchange 2010 SP3 16 Cumulative Update 2 Release and Installation Hints

    Information Store and then System Attendant on our secondary Exchange Web server will not start after the Exchange Rollup and January changes.NET. I was using uninstalled updates completely. Services keep trying to start and then stop. I can find in the viewer:

    The event cannot help initialize the Microsoft Exchange Information Store service because the clocks on client and server computers are usually corrupted.

    I ran w32tm / query / source, it was also called Local CMOS. I tried to change it for the better, but I didn’t. I have tried logging out now and I am assuming the access errors are rejected.

    I appreciate any help! Panic because there is no copy in our mailboxes.

    JamesMTIX wrote:

    unable to start exchange information store

    I’m not sure if this is all part of the problem as I’ve never seen this before …

    In DNS in reverse lookup zones, look at the properties of the domain controllers that were requested and the IP address will display “Unknown.” This routine is a kind of nameserver tab. It appears on all domain controllers and also as “Unknown” 3.

    Occurredproblems handling a fatal error (error 0x8004010f) related to the Exchange Information Store? Well, in a similar case, the user cannot start the Exchange Information Store in Exchange Server 2010 or MS Exchange Server 2007. Even after trying to manually restart the services, the user receives the following error message:

    “Unable to initialize Microsoft Exchange Information Store service.” – Error 0x8004010f

    This error mentioned above can be described as a general indication that MS Exchange Information Store services cannot be started automatically. Exchange 2007 Administration Postprocessing for Operations MS Manager always provides the Windows Application Tree log on Exchange Server 2007 computers. It provides error events when Windows cannot start the Exchange Idea Store on the local computer.

    You are likely to run into an event error when viewing the application log

    Consequences of this error event

    Assumed data files are at critical risk if you cannot access Exchange database files in the Exchang data storee. The complete edb files (priv1.edb and pub1.edb) for user mailboxes are stored on the Exchange server. Moreover, if these files become damaged or become inaccessible, the stored information will be literally dangerous, which can lead to real loss.

    Cause of this problem

    When the Microsoft Exchange Information Store Information service starts, it looks for the default recipient policy for Exchange Server 2007 and Exchange Server 2010. A possible cause of this issue could be its presence at any time. these two conditions:

    • Often replacing the default policy with a custom digital email address policy.
    • Remove the default policy in the Email Address Policies tab.


    Before starting the problem resolution process, as a rule, you should definitely have the discretion of the local administrator. Now the construction is exactly the same:

    1. From the Start menu, find Run and click, then type this command of the Adsiedit.msc method and click OK again.
    2. In the Actions menu, find and click Connectto “.
    3. “Please select the context of the known name field” is displayed. Just remove the config option and click OK.
    4. Use custom extension:
      • Configuration (Controller_domain_name. Domain_domain_name. com)
      • CN = config, DC = domain, DC = com
      • CN = Services
      • CN = Microsoft Exchange
      • CN = Organization
      • CN = Payment to recipients
    5. Just click on the Go Mailing Address Policy and right-click to launch Properties. About
    6. Go to Attributes and also select PurportedSearch. Confirm here that the value is (mailNickname = *).
      Note. In case of indictment in court, the value of the alleged search differs from that indicated (mailNickname = *). Manually edit the person by following these steps:
      • Go to PurportedSearch, just click the Edit button.
      • Go to Delete Path and enter (mailNickname = *) in the Value field. Click OK to save your changes.
    7. Navigate to the attribute, then click msExchPolicyOrder. Now click on the Edit option.
    8. Go to 2147483647 as plain text in the KnowReading ”, then double-click“ OK ”.
    9. Complete the modification to the Active Directory Service Interfaces (adsi).
    10. Now restart the Exchange Server computer.

    Alternative solution

    If this fails, you will see the error: “The Microsoft Exchange Information Store service could not be initialized.” – Error 0x8004010f, when using manual pumping – try third party Exchange Server recovery software.

    Core for Exchange Server is robust software that provides fast and accurate recovery of EDB files for proper Exchange Information Store functionality. The tool is effective for recovering EDB files only in case of corruption issues caused by improper shutdowns, virus intrusion, possible Exchange server shutdown, corrupted header concept, JET mechanism failure, etc. After a couple of minutes. A tool to recover corrupted EDB files with full authenticity and integrity. In fact, anyone can add multiple found EDB files at once for a quick, buteffective recovery. The best thing about this tool is that it does not require log files, and therefore Exchange services, to troubleshoot EDB corruption. In addition, you have several recovery options, including files in .pst files, live paging server, office365 plan, shared folders, and archive mailboxes.

    product name exchange
    Product Version 8.0 (Exchange Server 2007)
    event id 5000
    event source MSExchangeIS *
    Notification Type Fatal error
    path to MOM rule Microsoft Exchange Server / Exchange Store
    MOM 2007 / mailbox / information rule name The Microsoft Exchange Information Store service could not be initialized. Readabilitydatatable = “0”>


    Event ID: 5000
    Event Source: MSExchangeIS
    Event Category: General
    Description: UnableYou can help initialize the Microsoft Exchange Information Store service. – Error 0x8004010f.

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