How To Fix Windows 8 BIOS Settings

Today’s article is written to help you when you get a Windows 8 bios display settings error.

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    In our PC Settings app, select the General category and click on the Restart here button under Advanced Startup. Your device will reboot and you will be taken to the Windows 8 boot options menu. From there, you can access the UEFI BIOS and change other settings.

    Can you check BIOS settings from Windows?

    Whether someone needs to update your BIOS or perhaps get rid of systematic errors, knowing how to enter the BIOS is probably essential for PC users. To access the BIOS on a brand new Windows PC, you need to press the BIOS key specified by your manufacturer, which can always be F10, F2, F12, F1, or DEL.

    How Do I Access The BIOS In Windows 8 HP?

    On these computers, press the power button and the Esc key several times a second until the boot menu appears. When the boot menu appears, press F10 to enter the BIOS settings. Use the middle right arrow to select System Configuration Plan, use the down arrow to select Boot Options, then press Enter.

    How To Enter Are You Entering BIOS With Windows 8?

    F12 key method Turn on the computer. TOWhen you meet the prompt, press the F12 key, do it. Boot options may be displayed with the option to enter the installer. Use the appropriate arrow, scroll down and select . Press Enter. The setup screen (BIOS) will appear. This method won’t work for sure, repeat it, but output F12.

    view bios settings from windows 8

    Entering The BIOS With 5 Special Windows Boot Options.1

    To enter the UEFI BIOS on new Windows 8 PCs, you can use the special Windows root settings system. By the way, they will certainly come in handy for booting from a USB flash drive or hard drive, in fact, without entering the BIOS. Requirements

    The System For Using Secure Boot Can Be Found In Windows 8

    All HP and Compaq computers manufactured with Windows 8 must use secure boot. Secure Boot is enabled by default on these computers. If you are upgrading a laptop manufactured with Windows 7 or earlier to Windows 8, you can only invest in secure boot if the AMI BIOS is version 8, which should be compatible with UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface).wki) is available for most computers. p>
    view bios settings from windows 8

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