Easy Way To Fix Win32shutdown Return Code

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    You should read these troubleshooting tips when you get a win32shutdown return code error. Reason code: 0x5000000. Stop type: stop. Comment: Process C:WindowsExplorer.EXE ( COMP1 ) has initiated a downgrade of computer COMP1 for an account pointing to user SHABANAGROUPuser123 due to the following reasons: Miscellaneous (unplanned)


    The VBScript example “Logout, Reboot Registration, Unconditional Shutdown Multiple Computers” in the TechNet Gallery uses Win32Shutdown to logout, shutdown, reboot, possibly shutdown (according to all options). The computers are listed in the “Servers” table.

    win32shutdown return code

    Exit The Current Powershell Session

    Bitmap Flags – a set of red flags for shutting down a computer.To force a command, add a enforcement indicator (4) to the command payload. Using Force in combination with Shut Down or Restart on the remote PC will immediately shut down everything (including WMI, COM, etc.) or reboot the remote PC. This results in an undefined value being returned.

    Why did my computer shut down log?

    In Windows 10, the entire system event log keeps track of everything that happens, including when and why the computer restarts or shuts down normally or due to some problem.

    Console Applications

    Suppose we have a console application as its default handler that does not recognize shutdown and logout events. To get an application for this, let’s prepare our own handler function:

    What is shutdown and restart function?

    Probably the main difference between rebooting and shutting down is that rebooting temporarily shuts down the main computer and restarts it, even though shutting down completely shuts down your computer.


    As an introduction, we’ll just jump to a simple example. Picture below indicates the amount of free space on the C: drive that you most often connect to your PC. This example will definitely use the VB.Net “ManagementClass” training session to return information WMI class “win32_logicaldisk”. Method GetInstances() gives a collection of Win32_LogicalDisk instances, so we just iterate over each one one to find each of ours that we want (in this situation at the “C:” point).

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